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Project Management Question Bank

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When it comes to change, the project manager’s attention is BEST spent on:
  1. Making changes
  2. Tracking and recording changes
  3. Informing the sponsor of changes
  4. Preventing unnecessary changes

2. Based on the chart, if the duration of activity F changes to 8, what is the effect on the project?

  1. There is no effect on the critical path
  2. The duration of the critical path becomes 16
  3. The critical path changes
  4. Activity A is now on the critical path
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3. Jim is managing a road network design project for a government agency. He is currently carrying out the Plan Stakeholder Engagement process for the project. Which of the following documents will provide the list of project stakeholders to Jim for this process?

  1. Organizational process assets
  2. Project management plan
  3. Stakeholder register
  4. Enterprise environmental factors
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4. The success of your new project requires several of your people to work in a foreign country for six months. The team informs you that in this country a payment is required to obtain visas. What should you do?

  1. Cancel the project.
  2. Make the payment
  3. Do not pay and see what happens.
  4. Do not send your people.
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5. A project manager created a resource histogram. On the histogram, some bars extended beyond the maximum available hours. What does this usually signify?

  1. This means that the resources on those bars are being underused.
  2. This means that a resource optimization strategy needs to be applied.
  3. This means the resources are producing outputs at a rate faster than the average rate.
  4. This means that resources need to be reduced from the project.
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6. Which of the following is an important input to the Validate Scope process?

  1. Validated deliverables
  2. Organizational process assets
  3. Accepted deliverables
  4. Change requests
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7. What is the purpose of a bidder conference?

  1. Awarding a contract to the most suitable vendor
  2. Pre-qualifying the potential sellers
  3. Ensuring all vendors have a clear understanding of the procurement
  4. Developing a comprehensive seller's list
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8. A project manager is managing a research project. Typically, research projects are not clearly defined and involve a lot of uncertainty. The project has four phases in which a phase can only start when its previous phase is complete. What project lifecycle and phase-to-phase relationship should the project manager use for this project?

  1. Predictive lifecycle with sequential phase to phase relationship
  2. Iterative lifecycle with sequential phase to phase relationship
  3. Predictive lifecycle with overlapping phase to phase relationship
  4. Iterative lifecycle with overlapping phase to phase relationship
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9. A project manager is using a Risk Diagramming technique that is a graphical representation of situations showing causal influences, time ordering of events, and other relationships among variables and outcomes. This would be:

  1. A system flow chart
  2. An Influence Diagram
  3. A Pareto chart
  4. Histogram
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10. What is another name for the waiting time between two activities?

  1. Free float
  2. Total float
  3. Lag
  4. CPM
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