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You have been given a project to construct a small dam. Currently, you are visiting your project stakeholders and asking about their needs and expectations. You also have had many workshops and brainstorming sessions with them. Which process is this?
  1. Identify stakeholders
  2. Collect requirements
  3. Define scope
  4. Control scope

2. During project planning, a project manager is planning the upcoming project execution team meetings. What should she include in these meetings that would have the biggest impact on the project?

  1. Review of the action item list
  2. Review of upcoming identified risks
  3. Assignment of activities to team members.
  4. Estimating costs.
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3. Project reports are a method to:

  1. Plan communications.
  2. Distribute information.
  3. Report performance.
  4. Manage resources.
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4. The project manager of a large construction project is responsible for ensuring that all changes to the building plans are approved and tracked before they are implemented. These activities form part of which process?

  1. Validate Scope
  2. Perform Configuration Management
  3. Perform Integrated change control
  4. Control Quality
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5. All of the following are used in estimating EXCEPT:

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Team
  3. Network diagram
  4. Scope verification
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6. A project manager needs to determine if the manufacturing process planned for the new micro-satellites will meet quality standards. Each satellite takes about three days to manufacture and costs US $125,000. The satellites are so small that inspection would destroy them. Under these circumstances, what should the project manager do?

  1. Outsource the inspection to another company with more expertise.
  2. Evaluate the attributes of the population.
  3. Inspect a sample of the satellites.
  4. Decrease the cost of quality.
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7. The six-month project has 300 work packages and a US $600,000 budget. Three months into the project 150 work packages are complete and US $300,000 has been spent. Which of the following is CORRECT?

  1. The project is on time and on budget
  2. The project manager should reevaluate cost performance but not worry about time.
  3. The project needs 50 more work packages to be completed to be on time.
  4. There is not enough information
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8. The widget production project is well underway. The requirements are clear that each widget must weigh between 0.320 and 0.325 ounces. The first day of test production resulted in 1247 widgets. Of the widgets inspected, 47 percent fell within the acceptable weight range. This is an example of:

  1. Control limits
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Control charting
  4. Corrective action
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9. Communications under a contract should tend toward:

  1. Formal written communication.
  2. Formal verbal communication.
  3. Informal written communication.
  4. Informal verbal communication
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10. Which of the following are AL items included in the cost management plan?

  1. The level of accuracy needed for estimates, rules for measuring cost performance, specifications for how duration estimates should be stated.
  2. Specifications for how estimates should be stated, rules or measuring cost performance, the level of accuracy needed for estimates
  3. Rules for measuring team performance, the level of accuracy needed for estimates, specifications for how estimates should be stated.
  4. Specifications for how estimates should be stated, the level of risk needed for estimates, rules for measuring cost performance.
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