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Project Management Question Bank
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Your project team is located in different locations. Your schedule is delayed and you’re facing many issues. Which of the following is the best solution to this problem?
  1. Give training to team members
  2. Warn them to improve performance
  3. Co-locate them
  4. Review the project management plan

Q2. All of the following are responsibilities of the project manager EXCEPT:

  1. Carefully select the appropriate stakeholders for the project.
  2. Get stakeholders' sign-off that the requirements are finalized.
  3. Figure out when stakeholders will be involved in the project and how extensively.
  4. Ask stakeholders to let you know about problems in project communications and relationships.
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Q3. To create a quality product, the project management team invested in training the project team members and purchasing high-end equipment. Such costs are:

  1. Failure costs
  2. Costs of Nonconformance
  3. Appraisal costs
  4. Prevention costs
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Q4. Extensive use of _____ communication is MOST likely to aid in solving complex problems.

  1. verbal
  2. written
  3. formal
  4. non-verbal
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Q5. What is the LAST thing that occurs in the Close Project process?

  1. Formal acceptance is received
  2. Lessons learned are created
  3. Financial closure is achieved
  4. Resources are released
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Q6. You are managing a project with a budget of 500,000 USD, and 250,000 USD has been spent. Upon review, you observe that only 40% of the work has been completed. Your schedule says that you should have completed 50% of the work. What is the schedule performance index (SPI)?

  1. 1.25
  2. 0.8
  3. 1
  4. 1.5
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Q7. A control chart helps the project manager:

  1. Focus on the most critical issues to improve quality
  2. Focus on stimulating thinking
  3. Explore a desired future outcome
  4. Determine if a process is functioning within set limits.
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Q8. The current update to the schedule performance report shows no schedule variance. Based upon this report, you tell the client that the project is on time. However, your team members know that you just missed a major milestone and the project will not meet its startup date. This is an indication of poor:

  1. Communications planning.
  2. Scope planning.
  3. Team trust.
  4. Schedule planning.
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Q9. During the Control Procurements process, a number of documents might get updated due to various reasons. Which of the following components of the project management plan is least likely to get updated during this process?

  1. Quality management plan
  2. Procurement management plan
  3. Schedule baseline
  4. Cost baseline
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Q10. The code development phase of a software project is nearly complete when the first code review is conducted. During the review, it s discovered that the application is missing functionality required to complete a key business process. However, the product scope never specified this functionality. What should the project manager do?

  1. Reject the functionality as out of the project’s scope.
  2. Agree to include the functionality in the current release
  3. Agree to include the functionality in the next release.
  4. Assess the impact on the project of including the functionality, and inform the sponsor.
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