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Project Management Question Bank

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You are working on a project which is under budget and ahead of schedule. The project is 85% complete, and the client comes and asks you to terminate the project because he fears a possible regulation can impact his project. You review the project parameters and find that you can complete the project before the proposed legislation comes into existence; moreover, you won’t need any extra funding. What will your next steps be?
  1. Tell the client about your findings and ask him to reconsider his decision
  2. Initiate the close project process
  3. Immediately release your team members
  4. Convince your management to discuss the issue with the client

Q2. Which of the following BEST describes what a network diagram is used for when the work is being completed?

  1. To track the flow of information in system, looking at all the interfaces
  2. To determine if the evaluation criteria should be created before the contract statement of work is written
  3. To see if the cost of a change exceeds the project cost baseline
  4. To evaluate the reward system’s effectiveness 35
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Q3. You have a contract to build a manufacturing plant in Kuala Lumpur. However, you are not familiar with the building codes in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia, so you are reviewing all their building codes prior to “turning a shovelful of earth.” This is an example of:

  1. Project initiation
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Quality planning
  4. Quality control
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Q4. When is it MOST important that integration is performed?

  1. During project planning
  2. During project executing
  3. At key interface points
  4. At the end of each project management process
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Q5. A project manager takes over an existing project, only to find that there are no quality standards. What part of the quality process should the project manager be in?

  1. Plan Quality
  2. Manage Quality
  3. Quality analysis
  4. Perform Quality Control
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Q6. Your project is behind schedule and over budget, and the actual cost is on its way to being higher than the target cost. You and the client both are worried about the project’s progress and there is a high probability that the point of total assumption will be crossed. Which of the following assumptions is true about the point of total assumption?

  1. Above PTA, you will bear the cost
  2. Above PTA, the client will bear the cost
  3. Above PTA, the cost will be equally shared
  4. Above PTA, the cost will be shared by a set ratio
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Q7. A schedule performance index (SPI) of 0.76 means:

  1. You are over budget
  2. You are ahead of schedule
  3. You are only progressing at 76 percent of the rate originally planned
  4. You are only progressing at 24 percent of the rate originally planned
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Q8. Key project stakeholders can significantly influence a project in many ways. During which stage of the project do these stakeholders have the maximum ability to influence a project?

  1. Planning
  2. Initiating
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring & Controlling
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Q9. For which of the following actions could a project manager incur a fine and be jailed?

  1. Using people from outside the project manager’s country to work on the project
  2. Failing to file the necessary permits in their own country
  3. Paying a bribe to a foreign official
  4. Not using minority workers on the project
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Q10. With high levels of uncertainty and unpredictability in a fast-paced and highly competitive global marketplace, where long-term scope is difficult to define, it is becoming even more important to have a __________ for effective adoption and tailoring of development practices to respond to the changing needs of the environment.

  1. Rigid management approach
  2. Predefined detailed scope
  3. Contextual framework
  4. Blackbox approach
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