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Project Management Question Bank
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You have estimated the cost of your project by calculating the cost of each activity, adding them together to get the cost of a work package, and then you adding together the cost of all work packages. What kind of estimate are you using here?
  1. Top down
  2. Bottom up
  3. Parametric
  4. Ball park estimate

Q2. During a presentation to management, you want to display the project schedule with only the key deliverables displayed. What is the correct tool for this purpose?

  1. Project schedule network diagram
  2. Critical path network
  3. Milestone chart
  4. Critical chain diagram
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Q3. The Executive VP of Finance has informed you that you will be the project manager for an energy audit the company is performing in order to save expenses. He has assigned you to identify the stakeholders and to start documenting the high-level assumptions and constraints. Your project is in what stage?

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Monitoring and Controlling
  4. Executing
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Q4. All of the following are forms of power derived from the project manager's position EXCEPT:

  1. Formal.
  2. Reward.
  3. Penalty.
  4. Expert.
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Q5. You have been assigned as the project manager for a software development project. You are currently communicating with stakeholders and addressing their issues and expectations. Which of the following documents are inputs to this effort?

  1. The Issue log, Project charter, and Configuration management system
  2. The stakeholder engagement plan, communications management plan, and the change log
  3. The Project risk register, Work performance information, and Accepted deliverables
  4. Business case, change requests, and control charts
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Q6. What is a GERT chart?

  1. A bar chart showing project activities and their schedule
  2. A chart showing the upper and lower control limits
  3. A chart showing the causes of issues
  4. A chart showing loops between activities
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Q7. Which of the following is not an example of data that may be presented in a performance report?

  1. Earned value
  2. Quality metrics
  3. Schedule variance
  4. Project charter
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Q8. Which of the following is NOT a factor in the project manager’s acquiring the best resources for the project?

  1. Schedule model
  2. Activity attributes
  3. Quantified resource requirements by activity.
  4. Directive of the project manager.
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Q9. The project manager is working on a high-profile project where completing the project within budget is critical. The project manager is new, but well trained and is excited to see that the project is spending less than budgeted. As a result, the project manager was planning to take a holiday when a more senior project manager warned him that he has some important work to do on the project. Why would the senior project manager give such a warning on this project?

  1. The project manager needs to create a project control system to make sure there are no problems in the future.
  2. Under budget could mean that work that was scheduled to e done has not been completed. The project manager should look at how the cost performance compares to the schedule performance
  3. A project that is under budget may also have contracts that need to be managed.
  4. Team meetings should be scheduled every week and a holiday would mean that one team meeting would have to be cancelled.
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Q10. A good project manager knows the value of effective stakeholder management. What is the ultimate goal of effective stakeholder management?

  1. Stakeholder engagement
  2. Project success
  3. Stakeholder satisfaction
  4. Meeting project objectives
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