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Project Management Question Bank
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You are constructing an office building for your client. You decide to outsource painting and electric work from a third party. You create a detailed work description and ask bidders to apply for this part of the project. The document you just prepared is known as:
  1. Procurement SOW
  2. RFQ
  3. RFP
  4. Requirement document

Q2. You have estimated the cost of your project by calculating the cost of each activity, adding them together to get the cost of a work package, and then you adding together the cost of all work packages. What kind of estimate are you using here?

  1. Top down
  2. Bottom up
  3. Parametric
  4. Ball park estimate
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Q3. You are the Project Manager for the production of an exotic car. You have completed the Define Scope process for your project. Which of the following may be generated through this process?

  1. Project scope statement, project charter
  2. Project scope statement, updates to requirements traceability matrix
  3. WBS, updates to requirements traceability matrix
  4. Project scope statement, WBS
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Q4. You are making some changes to the scope and schedule baseline because you have identified a high-impact risk and management does not want to take a risk. What process is this?

  1. Plan scope management
  2. Plan risk response
  3. Develop schedule
  4. Control scope
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Q5. Testing the entire population:

  1. Take too long.
  2. Provide more information than wanted.
  3. Be mutually exclusive.
  4. Show many defects.
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Q6. A manager has responsibility for a project that has the support of a senior manager. From the beginning, you have disagreed with the manager as to how the project should proceed and what the deliverables should be. You and she have disagreed over many issues in the past. Your department has been tasked with providing some key work packages for the project. What should you do?

  1. Provide the manager with what she needs
  2. Inform your manager of your concerns to get her support
  3. Sit down with the manager at the beginning of the project, attempt to describe why you object to the project, and discover a way to solve the problem
  4. Ask to be removed from the project.
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Q7. You have signed a contract to have a customer care support system built for your company. In this contract, you have mentioned that you will pay all costs incurred plus a monetary benefit if you are happy with the work and the contractor fulfills some conditions set in the contract. What type of contract is this?

  1. Cost plus incentive fee
  2. Cost plus award fee
  3. Time & material
  4. Fixed price incentive fee
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Q8. Your manager is presenting a status report of all projects being run in his division. He reports that all projects are showing a positive CV. However, you know that your status reports for the last several weeks have been reporting a negative CV. What do you do?

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Offer to review all your manager's combined status reports before he presents them.
  3. Notify the appropriate management immediately.
  4. Ask your manager if that information was simply a typographical error.
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Q9. When the project manager completes the detailed project schedule, it would be MOST important to get it approved by the:

  1. Project sponsor
  2. Team
  3. Functional managers
  4. Customer 42
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Q10. Early in the life of your project, you are having a discussion with the sponsor about what estimating techniques should be used. You want a form of expert judgment, but the sponsor argues for analogous estimating. It would be BEST to:

  1. Agree to analogous estimating as it is a form of expert judgment
  2. Suggest life cycle costing as a compromise
  3. Determine why the sponsor wants such an accurate estimate.
  4. Try to convince the sponsor to allow expert judgment because it is typically more accurate.
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