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Project Management Question Bank
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The client has given you a project to install a new kind of elevator, so you start designing it from scratch. The planning phase is completed and you are now about to install the elevator. Suddenly a team member comes to you and asks for a change in the quality management plan as he has identified a flaw in the process. In which process can you perform the integrated change control?
  1. During the monitoring & controlling phase
  2. During the execution phase
  3. Throughout the project
  4. During the executing, and monitoring & controlling phase

Q2. Which of the following is NOT a knowledge management tools and technique?

  1. Networking
  2. Change requests
  3. Knowledge fairs and cafes
  4. Storytelling
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Q3. A ______ is a collection of projects or programs grouped together for strategic business needs.

  1. Portfolio
  2. Management System
  3. Enterprise
  4. Array
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Q4. The project has been working through some difficult technical issues relating to how the work should be done. The most recent problem related to the way each test was to be completed. There have also been disagreements with two of the eight managers and the sponsor has had to intervene once. The testing work is done when the project manager discovers that one of the changes agreed to has not been adequately completed. What did the project manager NOT do?

  1. Ask those doing the work describe the change, to make sure they understood it.
  2. Get the sponsor to sign off on the change.
  3. Make sure the functional manager closely supervised the testing.
  4. Provider more training for those doing the testing.
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Q5. A project manager is trying to budget time for the various processes in the Project Schedule Management Knowledge Area. As project activities are performed, in which of these processes will the majority of effort occur?

  1. Control Schedule
  2. Estimate Activity Durations
  3. Define Activities
  4. Develop Schedule
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Q6. A project manager working for a construction company works closely with a design firm. Part of his responsibility is to negotiate and approve bid documents with the design firm. The design firm offers the project manager a job with the firm, which he accepts. When the project manager gives his two weeks’ notice to the construction company, he is not asked nor does he mention that the design firm will employ him. For the next two weeks, the project manager continues to negotiate and approve bids and designs submitted by the design firm. In this situation:

  1. The departure of the project manager provides both companies with benefits by allowing the companies to strengthen their relationship and enhance communication
  2. The construction company did not ask and the project manager is not obligated to inform the company of his new job description
  3. There is a conflict of interest.
  4. The project manager is required to inform the construction company in his departure interview.
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Q7. The outputs of the Define Activities process include all of the following EXCEPT:

  1. All activities that will be performed on the project
  2. A network diagram
  3. Activity attributes
  4. Milestone list
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Q8. A summary milestone schedule would normally be part of which document?

  1. Project sign-off document
  2. Project charter
  3. Project requirements document
  4. Project scope statement
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Q9. While sequencing activities for a project, the project management team applied certain discretionary dependencies. This was based on their knowledge of best practices within the project application area. What is the potential risk involved in using such dependencies?

  1. They can create fixed float values and create external dependencies.
  2. They can create arbitrary float values and limit later scheduling options.
  3. They can create arbitrary float values and create external dependencies.
  4. They can create arbitrary float values and create mandatory dependencies.
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Q10. A cost baseline is an output of which cost management process?

  1. Estimate Activity Resources
  2. Estimate Costs
  3. Determine Budget
  4. Control Costs.
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