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If I ______ out, I’ll buy a newspaper
  1. go
  2. will go
  3. am going
  4. went

Q2. I’ll ______ in my car on the way to work.

  1. take you out
  2. bring you up
  3. let you off
  4. pick you up
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Q3. He really blew his … I've never seen someone so angry before.

  1. tether
  2. mind
  3. top
  4. head
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Q4. I don’t know why their marriage is breaking ______.

  1. through
  2. in
  3. up
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Q5. If I had listened to the weather forecast ______.

  1. I would stay at home
  2. I’d know it was windy
  3. I wouldn’t have watered the flowers
  4. we were going to play football
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Q6. When I got home, ______.

  1. my sister opens the door for me
  2. I will have a good rest
  3. my mother was setting the table
  4. my father hasn’t come back home
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Q7. I'm looking for a new place to live. My flat doesn't have enough space to swing a ……… .

  1. crow
  2. cat
  3. dog
  4. giraffe
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Q8. There is real concern that food supplies will not be ________ to feed the increasing world population.

  1. sufficient
  2. satisfactory
  3. equal
  4. measured
  5. effective
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Q9. If you draw a ……… over something unpleasant, you try to forget something and avoid the subject.

  1. scarfe
  2. hat
  3. hood
  4. veil
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Q10. Find the synonym of the following word. ***** Use up

  1. consume
  2. stack
  3. draw up
  4. put by
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