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Project Management Question Bank
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Your project is behind schedule and over budget, and the actual cost is on its way to being higher than the target cost. You and the client both are worried about the project’s progress and there is a high probability that the point of total assumption will be crossed. Which of the following assumptions is true about the point of total assumption?
  1. Above PTA, you will bear the cost
  2. Above PTA, the client will bear the cost
  3. Above PTA, the cost will be equally shared
  4. Above PTA, the cost will be shared by a set ratio

Q2. Which of the following is an output of the collect requirements process?

  1. Scope management plan
  2. Requirements management plan
  3. Requirements risk breakdown
  4. Requirements traceability matrix 7
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Q3. The MOST common source of conflict on projects is:

  1. Personality
  2. Cost
  3. Priorities
  4. Schedules
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Q4. A project manager receives a deliverable from one of the team members to provide to the customer. While looking at the deliverable, the project manager notes that the document is smaller than what he expected and does not contain what he thought it should. The project manager should FIRST:

  1. Discuss it with the team member
  2. Contact the team member’s manager to get that person additional training
  3. Audit the development process
  4. Complete scope validation
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Q5. All of the following are used in quality management EXCEPT:

  1. Marginal analysis
  2. Selected sellers
  3. Standard deviation
  4. The Delphi technique.
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Q6. You call your team member and give some instructions. She receives your message and gives her feedback. What is the role of the team member in this conversion?

  1. Sender
  2. Receiver
  3. Medium
  4. None of the above
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Q7. Although it is highly recommended that lessons learned are captured and documented throughout the project lifecycle, lessons learned are finalized during project closure. At this stage, responses to high-level questions may be gathered and documented. Which of the following is not an appropriate question to ask at this stage?

  1. What were the top significant project successes?
  2. How relevant the historic lessons learned were to this project during execution?
  3. What obstacles or unanticipated circumstances made it difficult to complete the project?
  4. What should have been done differently in this project?
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Q8. Jim is managing a road network design project for a government agency. He is currently performing the Plan Stakeholder Engagement process for the project. Which of the following documents will provide the list of project stakeholders to Jim for this process?

  1. Organizational process assets
  2. Enterprise environmental factors
  3. Stakeholder register
  4. Project management plan
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Q9. A new project manager has asked you for advice on creating a work breakdown structure. After you explain the process to him, he asks you what software he should use to create the WBS, and what he should do with it when he is finished creating it. You might respond that it is not the picture that is the most valuable result of creating a WBS. It is:

  1. A bar chart
  2. Team buy-in
  3. Activities
  4. A list of risks 9
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Q10. Mark is managing a telecom network deployment project. The buyer of the telecom network is an external entity. Recently, the customer requested that all future project updates be posted to their information system automatically. In order to implement this, the project team needs to customize their project management information system so it can be integrated with the customer’s information system. This is a new customer requirement that was not a part of the original project’s scope. What should the project manager do?

  1. Request that the customer terminate the current contract and award a new contract.
  2. Ask the project team to customize the project management information system.
  3. Ignore the request; this is outside the project’s scope.
  4. Initiate the formal change control process.
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