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Project Management Question Bank
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You are working in a big organization. Due to a change in market conditions your organization needs to raise a small project to accommodate the current change in the organization’s processes. The initiating phase is complete and now you are in the planning phase and developing the project plan. Which of the following project management processes can be omitted for this project?
  1. Perform qualitative risk analysis
  2. Manage quality
  3. Perform quantitative risk analysis
  4. Create WBS

Q2. You are finalizing the monthly project status report due now to your manager when you discover that several project team members are not reporting actual hours spent on project activities. This results in skewed project statistics. What is the MOST appropriate action to be taken?

  1. Discuss the impacts of these actions with team members.
  2. Report the team members’ actions t their functional managers.
  3. Continue reporting information as presented to you.
  4. Provider accurate and truthful representations in all project reports.
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Q3. During project executing, you find that the customer has requested a change to the scope of work even though it was previously not approved. There are no objections to the cost of the change. What should you do FIRST?

  1. Follow the change control process
  2. Discuss the change with the customer
  3. Meet with the team and plan alternatives
  4. Evaluate and document the risks that might result from this change
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Q4. In predictive projects, the scope baseline for the project is used to analyze a project’s scope performance. On the other hand, projects with adaptive lifecycles use:

  1. WBS
  2. WBS dictionary
  3. Scope statement
  4. Backlogs
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Q5. The project is just starting out and consists of people from 14 different departments. The project charter was signed by one person and contains over 30 major requirements that must be met on the project. The sponsor has informed the project manager that the SPI must be kept between 0.95 and 1.1. A few minutes of investigation resulted in the identification of 34 stakeholders, and schedule objectives on the project are constrained. A project manager has just been hired. Which of the following types of project management power will BEST help the project manager gain the cooperation of others?

  1. Formal
  2. Referent
  3. Penalty
  4. Expert.
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Q6. You are managing a heavy equipment manufacturing project that involves many mechanical, electrical, and IT staff. Your team prepared a schedule network diagram using duration estimates with dependencies and constraints. Your team also calculated the critical path for the project using late and early values. Today, your project office has indicated to you that some of the resources you had planned for the project will be unavailable. To deal with this, you explore the possibility of modifying the schedule to account for limited resources. What is your best possible step in such a situation?

  1. Recalculate critical path after applying the resource constraints
  2. Perform Resource Leveling to account for limited resources
  3. Use crashing or fast tracking to level resources across the project
  4. Apply leads and lags to develop a viable schedule
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Q7. Many more changes were made to the project during the project executing processes than had been expected. What is the BEST thing for the project manager to do now?

  1. Wait until all changes are known, print out a new schedule, and revise the baseline
  2. Make changes as needed, but maintain a schedule baseline
  3. Make only the changes approved by management
  4. Talk to management before any changes are made
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Q8. During the project execution, a stakeholder comes to you and argues against a particular deliverable. You investigated it and found that this particular deliverable was based on his requirement. To prove this, what document will you show to him?

  1. Scope statement
  2. Requirement traceability matrix
  3. Statement of work
  4. Scope management plan
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Q9. You are managing a project in a just-in-time environment. This will require more attention, because the amount of inventory in such an environmental is generally:

  1. 45 percent
  2. 10 percent
  3. 12 percent
  4. 0 percent
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Q10. You have a project with a cost of 10,000 USD, and the duration is 10 months. Five months have passed, 45% of the work is completed and you have spent 5,500 USD. The value of this 45% of the work is known as:

  1. Planned value
  2. Earned value
  3. Actual cost
  4. Schedule variance
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