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While you are in the execution phase of your project, management informs you that some ISO certified people are coming to your project to see if you’re complying with standards, policies, and procedure. This act is part of which of the following processes?
  1. Quality control
  2. Manage quality
  3. Verify scope
  4. Control scope

2. Rodney is in the process of preparing the project performance report for the team meeting. He is expecting many questions from his stakeholders on the budget and schedule. He calculates the following values: Budget at Completion (BAC) = $22,000, Earned Value (EV) = $13,000, Planned Value (PV) = $14,000, Actual cost (AC) = $15,000. What is the Estimate at Completion (EAC) for the project, if the work is performed at the budgeted rate?

  1. $24,000
  2. $36,000
  3. $22,500
  4. $37,000
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3. When entering into procurement, it is BEST to assume there will be disputes about the performance of the work as specified, and to:

  1. Include a procedure in the contract describing the means for dispute resolution
  2. Track claims to ensure the best position during litigation
  3. Make sure disputes are never brought to public knowledge
  4. Include a change order provision in the contract.
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4. A project manager is appointed to head highly technical project in an area with which this person has limited familiarity. The project manager delegates the processes of Develop Schedule, Estimate Costs, Define Activities, and Estimate Activity Resources to various project team members, and basically serves as an occasional referee and coordinator of activities. The results of this approach are likely to be:

  1. A team that is not highly productive, but that stays together because of the work environment created by the project manager.
  2. A team that is characterized by poor performance, low morale, high level of conflict and high turnover
  3. A team functioning throughout the project at a very high level, demonstrating creativity and commitment.
  4. A team that initially experiences some amounts of confusion but that after a period of time becomes a cohesive and effective unit
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5. While developing your project schedule, you have asked everyone to provide a list of planned vacations over the next three months, and you have applied this information to the tasks that each person is responsible for. What also needs updating?

  1. Resource Calendars
  2. Leads
  3. Schedule Variances
  4. Lags
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6. A project has had some problems, but now seems under control. In the last few months almost all the reserve has been used up and most of the negative impacts of events that had been predicted have occurred. There are only four activities left and two of them are on critical plan. Management now inform the project manager that it would be in the performing organization’s best interest to finish the project two weeks earlier than scheduled in order to receive an additional profit. In response, the project manager send out a request for proposal for some work that the team was going to do, in the hopes that another company might be able to do the work faster. The project manager can BEST be said to be attempting to work with:

  1. Reserve.
  2. Opportunities.
  3. Scope verification.
  4. Threats.
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7. Which of these statements is true?

  1. The cost of correcting mistakes through an inspection is much less than the cost of preventing them.
  2. The cost of preventing mistakes is generally much less than the cost of correcting them as revealed by inspection.
  3. It does not matter where a defect is captured as long as the finished work product does not have a defect.
  4. The cost of correcting mistakes through an inspection is more or less the same as the cost of preventing them since the same effort goes into both activities.
Correct Answer

8. You created the logic diagram for your project based on the chart when all of a sudden the person completing activity C says that you must plan for a lag of two weeks after the completion of the activity before starting the next activity. Which of the following would be the FIRST thing to do?

  1. See if the duration of activity H can be shortened
  2. Nothing because the two weeks could be assigned to activity
  3. Make Start, A, D, G, End the critical path in order to save time
  4. Calculate project float after the insertion of the lag
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9. The buyer asks the project manager for the status of the project that his team is working on. What is the BEST way to determine the status of a project?

  1. Compare the project performance against the project baselines
  2. Compare the earned value to the planned value
  3. Compare the project performance against the integrated change control plan.
  4. Compare the number of people used on each work package to the planned number to be used.
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10. Another project manager has a family emergency and must leave. He has asked you to fill in for him during a team meeting to discuss a minor problem with the project. He has already distributed a detailed agenda and provided with a copy. When you attend the meeting, several members of the team are making fun of the absent project manager’s ethnic heritage. Your company does not have a formal diversity policy covering such behavior. What should you do?

  1. Because your company does not have a written diversity policy, there is nothing you can do.
  2. Report the incident to the other project manager
  3. Hold the meeting as if nothing happened
  4. Begin the meeting with a discussion of diversity and professional behavior.
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