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Project Management Question Bank

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John has been assigned a task to build a facility where different types of bicycles can be produced. John builds this facility and hands it over to Andrew to run it. What is Andrew’s role?
  1. Project manager
  2. Program manager
  3. Operation manager
  4. Portfolio manager

2. Who of the following has primary responsibility for establishing design and test specifications?

  1. Senior management
  2. Procurement
  3. Engineering
  4. Quality control
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3. Which of the following is an example of a parametric estimate?

  1. Dollars per module
  2. Learning bend
  3. Bottom-up
  4. CPM
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4. You have just learned that one of your team members has not been adequately trained to complete project activities as assigned to him. How will you handle this situation?

  1. Replace this team member with someone more qualified
  2. Request proper training be provided and paid for by the functional manager
  3. Revise the schedule to account for the decreased effectiveness on this resource.
  4. Mentor this resource during the remainder of project duration.
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5. Julia is a longtime employee of your organization and is given to you for your new project. She was very good in her previous position but you notice that she is not performing well with the assignment you have given her. After further investigation, you learn that she is lacking skills to complete the job assigned to her. What will your next step be?

  1. Terminate them
  2. Monitor them
  3. Develop a training program for them
  4. Recruit some new member
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6. A project manager has managed four projects for the company and is being considered to join the project management office team. The following is discovered during the evaluation of his performance. The project manager’s first project had an ending cost variance of -500, used two critical resources, needed to rework the project charter during project executing and was ranked 14th in priority within the company. The second project finished with a schedule variance of +100, was completed with a vastly compressed schedule and received a letter of recommendation from the sponsor, but the product of the project was not used. The third project had 23 percent more changes than expected, had an SPI of 0.90, and 25 open items in the issue log when the project was completed. Each of these projects had a cost budget of US $1,000 and 20 to 28 percent more changes than others of its size. The project management office decided not to add this project manager to the team. Which of the following BEST describes why this might have happened?

  1. The project manager has only managed low-priority projects and he had to compress the schedule, showing that he does not have the skill to work in the project management office.
  2. Issue logs should not be used on projects of this size, showing that the project manager does not have the knowledge to work in a project management office
  3. The project manager did not effectively involve the stakeholders, showing that he does not have the knowledge to work in the project management office
  4. The project manager had two critical resources on their team and still needed to rework the project charter, showing that he does not have the discipline to work in the project management office.
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7. A customer has given you a procurement of work for a complex, eightmonth project that has a few unknowns. The customer has asked you to just “get it done” and only wants to see you at the end of eight months when you deliver the finished project. Under these circumstances, which of the following is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Complete the project as requested, but verify its scope with the customer occasionally throughout.
  2. Complete the project within eight months without contacting the customer during this time.
  3. Ask management to check in with the customer occasionally.
  4. Complete the project, but document that the customer did not want contact.
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8. All of the following are true statements about parametric estimating EXCEPT:

  1. The model is scalable.
  2. Estimates are based on input from the team
  3. The parameters used in the model are readily quantifiable.
  4. Historical information is used in the model 63
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9. You want to let your team know that the weekly project status is now officially due by 4:00 pm on Thursdays. Which type of communication would you use?

  1. Formal written communication.
  2. Formal verbal communication.
  3. Informal written communication.
  4. Informal verbal communication
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10. A project manager has been overwhelmed with problems on his project. He would like to identify the root cause of the problems in order to determine where to focus his attention. Which of the following tools would be BEST for the project manager to use?

  1. A Pareto chart
  2. Conflict resolution techniques
  3. A fishbone diagram
  4. Trend analysis
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