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Project Management Question Bank
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You have identified a risk that your work might be affected due to an equipment malfunction. Which of the following risk response strategies will you use to contain this risk?
  1. Exploit
  2. Enhance
  3. Mitigate
  4. None of the above

Q2. During the Plan Risk Management process your team has come up with 434 risks and 16 major causes of those risks. The project is the last of a series of project which the team has worked on together. The sponsor is very supportive and a lot of time was invested in making sure he project was completed and signed off by all key stakeholders. During project planning, the team cannot come up with an effective way to mitigate or insure against a risk. It is not work that can be outsourced, nor can it be deleted. What would be the BEST solution?

  1. Accept the risk.
  2. Continue to investigate ways to mitigate the risk.
  3. Look for ways to avoid the risk.
  4. Look for ways to transfer the risk.
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Q3. You find out that a project team member has stolen some material from the workplace. The team member regrets the theft and promises not to repeat it again. You must:

  1. Get a statement in writing from the project team member saying he will not repeat such an activity
  2. Document the matter for your archives
  3. Inform your HR department about the matter
  4. Keep quiet until it repeats for a second time
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Q4. Which of the following leadership traits is MOST importance for a project manager?

  1. Communication
  2. Team building
  3. Technical expertise
  4. Project control
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Q5. Which of the following statements correctly define the 100 percent rule for WBS?

  1. The project is only considered complete once all requirements defined in the original scope statements have been completed.
  2. The project is only considered complete once all requirements in the last approved scope baseline have been completed.
  3. The final deliverables should fully conform to product requirements; nothing less, nothing more.
  4. The total of the work at the work package level should roll up to the higher levels so that nothing is left out and no extra work is performed.
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Q6. All of the following are required to bring a project to closure EXCEPT:

  1. Perform project feedback with the team
  2. Obtain sign-off from the customer
  3. Review project documentation for completeness
  4. Update the project management plan
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Q7. You are trying to decide whether to lease or buy an item for your project. The daily lease cost is US $150. The investment cost to purchase the item is US $2,000, and the daily cost is US $50. In how many days will the lease cost be the same as the purchase cost?

  1. 10
  2. 15
  3. 20
  4. 25
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Q8. You are making some changes to the scope and schedule baseline because you have identified a high-impact risk and management does not want to take a risk. What process is this?

  1. Plan scope management
  2. Plan risk response
  3. Develop schedule
  4. Control scope
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Q9. Melissa is managing a hardware deployment project and is creating a risk management plan. Which of the following would not be included in this plan?

  1. Templates
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Budgeting
  4. Methodology
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Q10. A team member from research and development tells you that her work is too creative to provide you with a fixed single estimate for the activity. You both decide to use the average labour hours per installation from past projects to predict the future. This is an example of which of the following?

  1. Parametric estimating
  2. Three-point estimating
  3. Analogous estimating
  4. Monte Carlo analysis 48
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