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Project Management Question Bank
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You are in the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and expectations and address issues as they occur. Which option is a tool and technique of this process?
  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Stakeholder analysis
  3. Analytical technique
  4. Change request

Q2. You are forming a virtual project team that includes members from four different countries around the world. What is NOT an obstacle you must overcome to build an effective team?

  1. Different time zones
  2. Communication issues
  3. Cultural differences
  4. Members wanting to work from home
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Q3. The company has just announced that there will be a layoff in the next month, and there’s a good chance it will include some of the people from your project team. The team is discussing the layoff to the exclusion of everything else. If you tell the team, “Let’s calm down and get back to work, maybe our performance in the next month will keep us from losing our jobs.” Which conflict resolution technique are you using?

  1. Compromising
  2. Forcing
  3. Smoothing
  4. Withdrawal.
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Q4. The project has been challenging to manage. Everyone has been on edge due t pressure to complete the project on time. Unfortunately, the tension has grown to the point where team meetings have become shouting matches and little work is accomplished during the meetings. One team member asks to be excused from future meetings, as all the shouting upsets him. Meanwhile, the sponsor has asked to attend team meetings in order to better understand how the project is going and issues involved in completing the project, and the customer has started discussions about adding scope to the project. In this situation, it would be BEST for the project manager to:

  1. Ask the sponsor if the information needed could be sent in a report rather than have him attend the meeting
  2. Inform the team member who asked to be excused from the meeting of the value of communication in such meetings
  3. Create new ground rules for the meetings and introduce them to the team
  4. Hold a team building exercise that involves all the team members.
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Q5. During which part of the risk management process would you complete a risk rating matrix?

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  3. Control Risks
  4. Plan Risk Responses
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Q6. Tom is managing a software development project. The buyer of the product is an external entity. During the project’s execution, Tom finds that a new operations manager was hired in the customer organization. The new manager is now a key stakeholder. Which of the following documents is least likely to be updated because of the addition of this new stakeholder?

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Risk register
  3. Stakeholder engagement plan
  4. Issue log
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Q7. A new project manager has asked you for advice on creating a work breakdown structure. After you explain the process to him, he asks you what software he should use to create the WBS, and what he should do with it when he is finished creating it. You might respond that it is not the picture that is the most valuable result of creating a WBS. It is:

  1. A bar chart
  2. Team buy-in
  3. Activities
  4. A list of risks 9
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Q8. Testing the entire population would:

  1. Take too long
  2. Provide more information than wanted
  3. Be mutually exclusive
  4. Show many defects.
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Q9. You have been given a project to construct a small dam. Currently, you are visiting your project stakeholders and asking about their needs and expectations. You also have had many workshops and brainstorming sessions with them. Which process is this?

  1. Identify stakeholders
  2. Collect requirements
  3. Define scope
  4. Control scope
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Q10. During the Control Scope process, analysis of the scope performance resulted in a change request to the scope baseline. This change request will be processed for review and disposition in the:

  1. Control Quality
  2. Perform Integrated Change Control
  3. Monitor and Control Project Work
  4. Validate Scope
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