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Project Management Question Bank
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Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate thing to do during the executing process group?
  1. Forecast when the next milestone will be completed.
  2. Recommend updates to the project management plan.
  3. Recalculate how long the project will take.
  4. Determine if project controls need to be updated.

Q2. You manage the construction of a new airport in your home country. Since your organization does not have experience deploying the sophisticated air-traffic control system, you outsourced this to a specialist organization. PMBOK’s Procurement Management knowledge will help you successfully administer this deal; however, for the supplier of the system, all the PMBOK processes will apply since this will be a complete project for the supplying organization. Which of the following will be a common denominator between your project and the supplier projects?

  1. Project management plan
  2. Supply agreement
  3. Project’s scope of work
  4. Budget for the air-traffic control system
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Q3. Lucy is managing a high-tech software development project. She has luckily acquired the organization’s best performing employees. However, the project team is not communicating effectively, causing delays. The project communications plan is in place, but it seems as if the employees are not following it. The communications plan lays out the communications requirements but does not explicitly assign responsibilities. What should Lucy do first? (Assume that all the following actions need to be taken at some stage.)

  1. Persuade the team to follow the plan
  2. Motivate the team to effectively communicate
  3. Set and manage expectations
  4. Resolve conflicts to prevent disruptive behavior
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Q4. As a project manager, you are analyzing the costs incurred in a project. Which of the following costs cannot be classified under cost of nonconformance?

  1. Quality Assurance Costs
  2. Warranty costs
  3. Costs due to loss of reputation
  4. Rework costs
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Q5. In a Finish-to-Start relationship between predecessor and successor activities, a project manager decides to schedule a successor activity five days before its predecessor is complete. This is accomplished by providing five days of:

  1. Lag
  2. Load
  3. Fast-tracking
  4. Lead
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Q6. Nancy has recently become the project manager for a project already in execution. Nancy has learned the previous project manager did a good job so far and religiously followed the PMBOK guiding principles. However, some of the project communications don’t make sense to her. Which of the project artifacts should Nancy refer to in order to determine reasons for distribution of some reports?

  1. Stakeholder engagement plan and the scope management plan
  2. Stakeholder engagement plan and the communications management plan
  3. Scope management plan and the communications management plan
  4. Scope management plan and the risk management plan
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Q7. All of the following are required to bring a project to closure EXCEPT:

  1. Perform project feedback with the team
  2. Obtain sign-off from the customer
  3. Review project documentation for completeness
  4. Update the project management plan
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Q8. In your project, you have two activities, D and E. These two activities have a common successor, Activity F. Activity D will be completed on the 10th and activity E will be completed on the 15th. Therefore, Activity D can be delayed by 5 days without affecting the early start of Activity F. This delay is known as:

  1. Total float
  2. Free float
  3. Project buffers
  4. Feeding buffer
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Q9. You have received an urgent call from management and they asked you to find the cost estimate of a new project. Since time is critical and you have to provide them with the cost estimate, which technique will you use to calculate the project cost?

  1. Parametric
  2. Analogous
  3. Bottom up
  4. Symmetric estimate
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Q10. A project manager has just started planning his project. If he has only limited information about the project, he should use the following technique to estimate the duration for each activity using historical data from a similar project:

  1. Four-point estimating
  2. Three-point estimating
  3. Analogous estimating
  4. Parametric estimating
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