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How does ISO 9000:2015 define a process?
  1. Set of interrelated or interacting activities which uses inputs to deliver a result that meets or exceeds the ISO 9001 standards of quality
  2. A full lifecycle of events which includes inputs such as materials and information, management, resources and outputs
  3. A cycle which includes inputs, actions and outputs to ensure quality is met
  4. Set of interrelated or interacting activities that uses inputs to deliver an intended result

Q2. In a factorial design, a main effect is the ______________.

  1. the combined effect of the independent variables on the dependent variable
  2. interaction effect of the independent variables and their effect on the dependent
  3. the effect of each independent variable on the dependent variable
  4. interaction of the independent variables
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Q3. Check Sheet is used during ______________ stage of DMAIC.

  1. Define
  2. Measure
  3. Analyze
  4. Improve
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Q4. Which of the following was developed by Motorola to improve its processes by minimizing defects?

  1. ISO 9000
  2. Six sigma
  3. QS 9000
  4. TQM
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Q5. At the time of making a purchase agreement with a vendor, what is important to mention about inspection?

  1. the characteristics of the product that are to be inspected
  2. the tolerances that would be allowed
  3. the reputation of the vendor
  4. a & b both (not sure)
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Q6. The primary driver(s) behind the demand for continual quality improvement is / are:

  1. the government cost improvement reports that have created widespread public interest in quality
  2. the prevalence of media reports on quality circles and other quality improvement techniques
  3. the need to both reduce costs and ensure consistency in the performance of products and services
  4. B and D
  5. an increase in the number of projects being worked
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Q7. For a Poisson distribution:

  1. The mean is greater than the variance
  2. The mean is less than variance
  3. The mean is equal to the variance
  4. Cannot be determined
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Q8. Statistical Process Control uses diagrams called "Control Charts." These charts depict horizontal, parallel lines to represent ______________ standard deviations.

  1. six
  2. five
  3. four
  4. three
  5. two
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Q9. While random variability in a system can be removed by ______________, non-random variability requires ______________.

  1. Operator or management action, Improvement in the system
  2. Improvement in the system, operator or management action
  3. Statistical Quality Control, Quality Checks
  4. None of the above
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Q10. How many products will be produced by a process with 300 min working time and 30 min cycle time?

  1. 0.1
  2. 9000.0
  3. 10.0
  4. Insufficient data provided
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