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Project Management Question Bank

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You are sequencing activities to develop the schedule using a precedence diagram method. To do this you need to identify the type of dependency between the activities. Which of the following is not a type of dependency used in a precedence diagram method?
  1. Mandatory dependency
  2. Linear dependency
  3. Internal dependency
  4. External dependency

Q2. You have signed a contract to have a customer care support system built for your company. In this contract, you have mentioned that you will pay all costs incurred plus a monetary benefit if you are happy with the work and the contractor fulfills some conditions set in the contract. What type of contract is this?

  1. Cost plus incentive fee
  2. Cost plus award fee
  3. Time & material
  4. Fixed price incentive fee
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Q3. Based on the chart, some of the identified risks do not occur and therefore activity B gets done in three. What is the effect on the project?

  1. The project is complete
  2. There will be three critical paths.
  3. Activity A will have more float
  4. The project will complete sooner if activity F starts immediately 58
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Q4. A project manager has been instructed to use the project charter to help identify risks on the project. This does not make sense to him. If you were asked to explain the reason the project charter is used in this way, what is the BEST explanation?

  1. The project charter describes the business needs of the project
  2. Reviewing what is said and not said in the project charter will help determine risks.
  3. The project charter is issued by the sponsor
  4. Reviewing the project charter will help determine a description of the product of the project.
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Q5. During a walk-through of a work package, you discover that a team member is completing the work differently than stated in the WBS dictionary. How should you deal with this?

  1. Replace the team member
  2. Determine if the alternative way is acceptable to the functional manager
  3. Ask the team member if the changes are necessary
  4. Determine if the changes also change the scope of the work package.
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Q6. A project has several teams. Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. This has caused team D to have to crash the critical path several times. As the team leader for team D, you should meet with the:

  1. Manager of team D
  2. Project manager alone
  3. Project manager and management
  4. Project manager and the leader of team C
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Q7. The project manager has had some difficulty in getting the team to complete work efforts but he feels that the changes he made to the reward system will fix the problem. The number of stakeholders on the project has grown by 20 percent and the number of activities being completed late is growing. The project manager has heard from management that the project might become a higher priority if their competition comes out with a new product that uses wireless technology. Based on this, it would be BEST for the project manager to:

  1. Re-estimate the activities and prepare to create a new schedule
  2. Perform configuration management
  3. Recreate the project work authorization system
  4. Better respond to risk event triggers 30
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Q8. You are collecting requirements for your project. For a few requirements you are having difficulty reaching a consensus, so you decide to vote and select the choice which has the largest number of votes. What voting technique is this?

  1. Minority
  2. Unanimity
  3. Majority
  4. Plurality
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Q9. A tool that provides a visual representation of human resource allocation to a project, number of working hours, and availability on the project is a:

  1. Resource Histogram
  2. Staff release plan
  3. Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
  4. Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
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Q10. You are in the final phase of a low-cost car manufacturing project. This project has successfully delivered a low-cost car that runs on batteries. However, to close this project and avoid auditing from government authorities, it must demonstrably comply with many administrative standards. Since your organization possesses experts who know closing procedures and standards, you want to use them to close this project. This effort is an instance of:

  1. Using enterprise environmental factors in closing the project
  2. Using expert judgment in closing the project
  3. Using organizational process assets in closing the project
  4. Poor project management practice
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