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Project Management Question Bank

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During an inspection, you are reviewing a chart and notice that a particular process is outside the below specification limit. You instruct your team member to take corrective action. What chart have you reviewed here?
  1. Cause and effect diagram
  2. Scatter diagram
  3. Run chart
  4. Control chart

Q2. You are given a new project to manage and a brief project scope statement. The project sponsor tells you that there is no required completion date for the project. The BEST thing to do is to:

  1. Ask for better definition of the project scope before accepting the project.
  2. Accomplish the project as time allows
  3. Plan the project as you would a normal project, but build in schedule flexibility
  4. Make a list of activities that need to be done.
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Q3. Impact assessment is part of which risk management process?

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  3. Plan Risk Responses
  4. Control Risks.
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Q4. A project manager is trying to coordinate all the activities on the project and has determined the following: Activity 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of 1 week. Activity 2 can start after activity 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of 4 weeks. Activity 3 can start after activity 2 is completed has an estimated duration of 5 weeks. Activity 4 can start after activity 1 is completed and has estimated duration of 8 weeks. Both activities 3 and 4 must be completed before the end of the project. What is the duration of the critical path for this project?

  1. 10
  2. 11
  3. 14
  4. 8
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Q5. A project uses rounding of activity cost estimates data to the nearest $100, uses staff hours as the unit of measure for resources, and has a variance threshold of 10 percent deviation from the baseline plan. These approaches are typically documented in the:

  1. Cost management plan
  2. Scope Statement
  3. WBS
  4. Project charter
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Q6. Project stakeholder management is an integral part of project management. The effectiveness of stakeholder analysis carried out early in a project can decide its fate. Which of the following is the least important consideration during stakeholder analysis, especially when analyzing stakeholders who are also decision-makers?

  1. Prior experience
  2. Expectations
  3. Interests
  4. Influence
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Q7. Which of the following is a set of technical guidelines that may be applied during the design of a product for the optimization of a specific aspect of the design?

  1. Scope creeping
  2. Rolling-wave planning
  3. Design for X
  4. Scrum master
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Q8. Company A is developing a project similar to one it delivered nearly 12 months earlier. What is the MOST likely approach to defining project activities?

  1. Review organizational process assets
  2. Add similar, if not the same, skill sets to the project team
  3. Gather the team for a brainstorming session
  4. Hire a third party expert to avoid mistakes that were encountered during previous projects.
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Q9. One of the senior team members, who is the best performer in your project, plays favorites. A few of the other team members who work closely with this team member have gotten exceptionally good appraisal reports in the past, even though they may not have deserved them. As the project manager, what do you need to actively do?

  1. Ask all the members of your team who are appraisers of other team members to be liberal in their appraisals. This will help compensate for the appraisals the senior team member does.
  2. Speak to the senior team member and ask him or her to do appraisals fairly, in accordance with the appraisal guidelines.
  3. Ignore the matter since you would otherwise lose a senior team member who is key to your project.
  4. Ensure that the senior team member does not get to appraise anybody.
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Q10. A project manager has completed risk response planning. She as planning to go on to risk monitoring and control when she found out from another project manager that she forgot to do something important in this step. Which of the following did she forget?

  1. She has not created an overall risk ranking for the project
  2. She has not analyzed secondary risks
  3. She has not created workarounds
  4. She has not created a prioritized list of quantified risks.
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