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Project Management Question Bank
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You are reviewing seller-prepared documents and quality audits are conducted during the seller’s execution of the work with an objective to identify performance success and failure. What process is this?
  1. Conduct Procurement
  2. Control Procurement
  3. Close Procurement
  4. Verify Scope

Q2. You work in a matrix organization when a team member comes to you to admit he is having trouble with his activity. Although not yet in serious trouble, the team member admits he is uncertain of how to perform part of the work on the activity. He suggests a training class available next week. What should you do?

  1. Switch to a trained resource to avoid the cost
  2. Determine if anyone else needs training
  3. Get money from the team member’s functional department budget
  4. Get money from the project budget
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Q3. A project team member has completed his work on the project. Which of the following MUST the project manager do?

  1. Provide the team member with copies of his work on the project
  2. Update the employee’s records with the new skills acquired.
  3. Invite him to the project closure party
  4. Check to make sure he is happy with his performance.
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Q4. You have been producing ball bearings in large numbers. For this kind of process, what technique will you use to verify if the products are of the right quality?

  1. Inspection of all products
  2. Statistical sampling
  3. Inspection of the first three samples
  4. Inspection of the last three samples
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Q5. How does the role of a project manager change based on managing projects using a predictive development life cycle then managing projects in adaptive environments?

  1. The role of the project manager changes to a facilitator in predictive environments.
  2. The role of the project manager changes to a facilitator in adaptive environments.
  3. The role of the project manager does not change.
  4. The role of the project manager is replaced with a scrum master in adaptive environments.
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Q6. A project manager is using weighted average duration estimates to perform schedule network analysis. Which type of mathematical analysis is being used?

  1. Critical path method
  2. PERT
  3. Monte Carlo
  4. Resource leveling
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Q7. Which of these is not an Enterprise environmental factor that can influence the Plan Resource Management process?

  1. Organizational culture
  2. Lessons learned on organizational structures
  3. Marketplace conditions
  4. Facilities and resources
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Q8. Which of the following is not an example of data that may be presented in a performance report?

  1. Earned value
  2. Quality metrics
  3. Schedule variance
  4. Project charter
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Q9. The project manager has noticed that there have been a lot of changes on the project. This has not been considered to be a problem until one day he discovers that he cannot determine how many scope changes are currently being reviewed. This problem would be an error in which of the following?

  1. Change control system and project scope management plan
  2. Plan purchases and acquisitions and requirements gathering
  3. Lack of a change control board and constrained optimization
  4. A poor change configuration system and benefit analysis
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Q10. A key output of Plan Resource Management is a list of project roles and responsibilities. What should this document include?

  1. Work packages, Effort, Authority, Duties
  2. Role, Responsibility, Authority, Risk
  3. Role, Title, Resource Cost, Responsibility
  4. Role, Authority, Responsibility, Competence
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