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You are working on a project to build a canal for irrigation purposes. Six months have passed, and now the team is working as a well-organized unit. Team members are interdependent, working smoothly, and working effectively. What team formation stage is this?
  1. Performing
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Forming

2. What is the difference between management reserves and contingency reserves?

  1. Contingency reserves address known knowns, whereas management reserves address known unknowns.
  2. Contingency and management reserves both address known unknowns and could be considered the same.
  3. Contingency reserves address known unknowns whereas management reserves address unknown unknowns.
  4. Contingency reserves are managed by senior management whereas management reserves are managed by the project manager.
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3. Jennifer has recently been asked to manage an office refurbishment project. She finds out that the chief financial officer of the company is resisting the project. The chief financial officer is a key project stakeholder. What must Jennifer do first?

  1. Seek expert judgment from the project initiator
  2. Seek support from the project sponsor to force project decisions
  3. Conduct a team meeting to discuss this issue
  4. Analyze options that might change or influence the chief financial officer‘s perception
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4. You are a senior project manager working for RETAMART, a retail shopping network that sells various consumer products. As part of the expansion plan approved by the board of directors, you are a project manager for a new plant. Due to transportation problems, the project has experienced delays; the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) is at 0.6 and the Cost Performance Index (CPI) is at 0.7. However, you expect some improvements over the next few weeks, which may increase the SPI to 1.1 and the CPI to 0.9. Which of the following statements is true if your anticipated changes materialize?

  1. The project is overspent and behind schedule
  2. The project is overspent but ahead of schedule
  3. The project is on schedule and under budget
  4. The project is under budget but behind schedule
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5. You are a project manager for an automotive parts company. Your organization was hired to produce clutches for an exotic car company. This will involve the design and production of custom clutches. During the course of the project, as you review a quality control statistics chart that examines every clutch produced for the month, you notice several cases where the spring component of the clutch is expanding with too much force and is falling outside the upper control limit. Which type of Quality Control tool are you most likely using?

  1. Control charts
  2. Statistical Sampling
  3. Cause-and-Effect diagram
  4. Precedence Diagramming Method
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6. Your project team works in two different buildings across the city. The team has been struggling to perform effectively and has a difficult time resolving problems. What would be the BEST team development technique to resolve this issue?

  1. Mediation
  2. Rewards
  3. Co-location
  4. Training
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7. The project team has created a plan for how they will implement the quality policy. It addresses the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, and other information about plans for quality. If this changes during the project, WHICH of the following plans will also change?

  1. Quality assurance.
  2. Quality management
  3. Project management
  4. Quality control.
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8. Another project has had a major defect, and the project manager has gotten the project team and the process engineers involved in analyzing how this might affect their project. Which of the following would BEST describe what the group is involved in?

  1. Quality Analysis
  2. Plan Quality
  3. Manage Quality
  4. Perform Quality Control.
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9. The engineering department has uncovered a problem with the cost accounting system and has asked the systems department to analyze what is wrong and fix the problem. You are a project manager working with the cost accounting programs on another project. Management has issued a change request to the change control board to add the new work to your project. Your existing project has a cost performance index (CPI) of 1.2 and a schedule performance index (SPI) of 1.3 so you have some room to ad work without delaying your existing project. After some analysis, you determine that the new work and existing work do not overlap and can be done concurrently. They also require different skill sets. Which of the following is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Re-estimate the project schedule with input from the engineering department
  3. Verify the scope of the new work with the help of the stakeholders
  4. Identify specific changes to the existing work.
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10. During the executing process group of the project, a team member identifies a new risk. What should occur in light of this identification?

  1. Include it in the risk triggers
  2. Test its assumptions
  3. Add it to the risk management plan
  4. Assess this risk.
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