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Project Management Question Bank

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You are developing a product for your client. During the development of the product, the client has indicated that he needs some changes in the product, so you process his request. How do you manage changes in product specification?
  1. Change management
  2. Integration management
  3. Product management
  4. Configuration management

Q2. In the create WBS process, you sub-divide project deliverables and project work into smaller and more manageable components. The output of this process is the scope baseline and project document update. Which of the following truly represents the scope baseline?

  1. Scope statement, scope management plan, schedule baseline
  2. Scope statement, WBS, WBS dictionary
  3. WBS, WBS dictionary
  4. Scope statement, WBS, schedule baseline
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Q3. A project is plagued by changes to the project charter. Who has the primary responsibility to decide if these changes are necessary?

  1. The project manager
  2. The project team
  3. The sponsor
  4. The stakeholders
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Q4. Ground rules are established to set clear expectations regarding acceptable behavior by the project team members. Whose responsibility is it to enforce ground rules?

  1. The project manager
  2. All project team members share the responsibility for enforcing the rules once they are established in the Team Charter
  3. The HR team
  4. The project manager and senior team members
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Q5. Which of the following best describes the Validate Scope process?

  1. Validating that the project quality requirements are met
  2. Controlling changes to the scope of the project
  3. Obtaining the stakeholders' formal acceptance of the project deliverables
  4. Validating that all of the project's objectives are met
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Q6. The purpose of lessons learned is to bring together any insights gained during a project that can be usefully applied on future projects. When should a project manager ideally commence this activity?

  1. At the start of project planning
  2. At the start of project execution
  3. During the project closure
  4. From project kickoff meeting
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Q7. The project manager wishes to use the Delphi technique to obtain expert opinion on some difficult technical issues she’s facing. What should she be careful to do?

  1. Make sure the experts consulted are recognized for their input.
  2. Compare information and work toward a single opinion.
  3. Consult the stakeholders.
  4. Meet together with the experts to obtain consensus.
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Q8. The project manager has performed schedule network analysis, compressed the schedule and completed a Monte Carlo analysis. What schedule management activity should be done NEXT?

  1. Update resource requirements
  2. Recommend corrective actions
  3. Estimate Activity Durations
  4. Create a milestone list
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Q9. Most project management software packages use a method of constructing a project schedule network diagram known as:

  1. Waterfall Method
  2. Precedence Diagramming Method
  3. Agile Method
  4. Just-in-time Method
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Q10. In which project management process group is the project manager likely to do more directing?

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and controlling
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