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Project Management Question Bank

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You publish some informative notes on the company’s web portal and ask stakeholders to review it. What kind of communication method is this?
  1. Pull
  2. Push
  3. Interactive
  4. None of the above

Q2. You have a choice of four ongoing projects that you can take over as project manager. Project 1 has a benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 1.4, is a high priority project and has a critical path length of 16 months. Its cost performance index (CPI) is 1.2. Project 2 has a schedule performance index (SPI) of 1.1, is using three critical resources, has a low priority, and has a BCR of 1.1. Project 3 has a CPI of 1.2, an SPI of 0.89, a BCR of 1.6, and a critical path length of 19 months. Project 4 has a CPI of 0.82, an activity with 33 days of float, a hard-to-get resource assigned to activity L, and a priority of keeping cost low. Based on the above, which project would you prefer to take over?

  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3
  4. Project 4
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Q3. A project manager new to project management is taking on a new project. When is the BEST time to help build the people working on the project into a team?

  1. During project initiating
  2. Before committing to a project cost estimate
  3. Throughout the project
  4. During project planning
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Q4. You are asked to prepare a budget for completing a project that was started last year and then shelved for six months. All the following would be included in the budget EXCEPT?

  1. Fixed costs
  2. Sunk costs
  3. Direct costs
  4. Variable costs
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Q5. You are working in a large organization and managing a project to construct a road. To help you in your project, your PMO is providing you with their support and require you to comply with them. What kind of PMO is this?

  1. Supportive
  2. Controlling
  3. Directive
  4. Helping
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Q6. A project organizational chart shows resources and:

  1. WBS work packages
  2. Activity resource estimates
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Schedule.
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Q7. Some of your team members do not come to meetings on time. A few other members keep themselves busy with other activities during meetings, and their behavior is not proper. Therefore, to improve the environment what step will you take?

  1. Co-locate team members
  2. Bring them into the war room
  3. Warn them, and if they don’t listen, punish them
  4. Implement ground rules
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Q8. Project A has had ineffective project meetings since its inception. There have been complaints that information does not get to the right people, some people are talking too much during meetings, and the right people are not there to resolve the issues. What is MOST likely missing from this project?

  1. A scope management plan
  2. A staffing management plan
  3. A communications management plan
  4. A process improvement plan
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Q9. Risks will be identified during which risk management process(es)?

  1. Identify Risks.
  2. Identify Risks and Control Risks
  3. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis and Identify Risks
  4. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis and Control Risks 07
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Q10. Your boss tells you that one of your resources is needed on another project. All the activities in the chart are occurring at the same time. Assuming that all the resources listed have the necessary skills to work on the other project, who would you pick to move to the other project?

  1. The resource working on Activity D
  2. The resource working on Activity C
  3. The resource working on Activity H
  4. The resource working on Activity B
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