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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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Culture refers to:
  1. attitude
  2. rules of behaviour
  3. behavior
  4. thinking

Q2. Culture is embedded in our:

  1. gestures
  2. expressions
  3. minds
  4. beliefs
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Q3. Business letters produce immediate effect because they are:

  1. brief
  2. formal
  3. informal
  4. interesting
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Q4. A presentation is a form of oral communication in which a person shares factual information with an audience that is:

  1. mixed
  2. specific
  3. large
  4. small
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Q5. A reflective listener:

  1. ignores the details
  2. thinks about the speaker’s message
  3. appreciates the message
  4. repeats the message’s essential parts
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Q6. Informal negotiation involves:

  1. two people
  2. three people
  3. four people
  4. any number of people
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Q7. An individual’s behavior in a foreign society becomes noticeable when it ____________ in relation to the foreign culture.

  1. conforms
  2. deviates
  3. irritates
  4. overlaps
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Q8. ____ is not one of the 7 C’s of communication:

  1. clarity
  2. correctness
  3. character
  4. conciseness
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Q9. To be able to give a good presentation, a full rehearsal is:

  1. audience based
  2. necessary
  3. optional
  4. useless
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Q10. In issuing instructions, one should avoid the:

  1. imperative form
  2. subjunctive form
  3. active voice
  4. passive voice
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