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Project Management Question Bank
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Due to improper cost planning, your cost performance is not as planned and you are over budget. Therefore, you again estimate the cost of the project and find that you will require more money to complete the project. This will require an update of the cost baseline. What will you do?
  1. Update the cost baseline
  2. Raise the change request to update the cost baseline
  3. Update the cost baseline and inform management
  4. None of the above

Q2. Testing the entire population would:

  1. Take too long
  2. Provide more information than wanted
  3. Be mutually exclusive
  4. Show many defects.
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Q3. The sponsor of a project created a document that included the business need and the cost-benefit analysis. What would this document be termed as?

  1. The project statement of work
  2. The business case
  3. The project management plan
  4. The contract
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Q4. During the Plan Risk Management process of a major project, the project manager is informed that her key subject matter experts are currently spread around the globe. All experts are available via e-mail and planning must not be delayed. What is the BEST method for gathering information?

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Delphi technique
  3. Assumption analysis
  4. Cause and effect diagramming.
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Q5. You work as an engineer for a large engineering firm. During this past week, you have corresponded with your department supervisor about the horizontal stabilizers required for the wings on a new aircraft you are designing. Which communication dimension does this represent?

  1. Horizontal
  2. Formal
  3. External
  4. Upward
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Q6. Which list includes a process where recommended corrective action is NOT an output?

  1. Control Quality, Control Costs, Report Performance
  2. Control Costs, Manage Quality, Direct and Manage Project Work
  3. Control Scope, Distribute Information, Control Risks
  4. Monitor and Control Project Work, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, Manage Quality.
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Q7. The Actual Cost (AC) is the total cost actually incurred and recorded in accomplishing work performed for an activity or work breakdown structure component. What is the upper limit for the AC?

  1. 50 percent over and above the Planned Value (PV)
  2. The Actual Cost (AC) is limited to the Planned Value (PV).
  3. 100 percent over and above the Planned Value (PV)
  4. There is no upper limit for the Actual Cost (AC).
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Q8. Which of the following contains an item that is NOT an output of the Plan Procurements process?

  1. Procurement management plan, procurement documents, procurement contract award
  2. Procurement statement of work, procurement management plan, make-or-buy decisions
  3. Requested changes, procurement management plan, source selection criteria
  4. Make-or-buy decisions, procurement statement of work, change requests.
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Q9. You have identified a risk that your work might be affected due to an equipment malfunction. Which of the following risk response strategies will you use to contain this risk?

  1. Exploit
  2. Enhance
  3. Mitigate
  4. None of the above
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Q10. Your project team has identified dependencies on six related projects that are providing major deliverables to your project. Some of these projects have a very similar scope and may overlap with your deliverables. In light of this, which of the following processes should you be MOST concerned about?

  1. Control Scope
  2. Verify Scope
  3. Plan Risk Responses
  4. Plan Communications.
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