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Project Management Question Bank

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You are making some changes to the scope and schedule baseline because you have identified a high-impact risk and management does not want to take a risk. What process is this?
  1. Plan scope management
  2. Plan risk response
  3. Develop schedule
  4. Control scope

Q2. Chris is managing a construction project. The project team is currently developing the “as built” construction drawings to be supplied to the client as required by the contract. Which of the following phases is Chris’ project most likely in?

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Closing
  4. Executing
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Q3. Your project sponsor is extremely happy with the project performance to date. To celebrate, he wants to hold a party with dancing and liquor for the entire team. You are concerned because the company policy states that “no alcohol can be served at company events.” What should you do?

  1. The project sponsor is responsible. Hold the event as a good teambuilding experience.
  2. Inform human resources that the sponsor is serving alcohol at a company function
  3. Tell the project sponsor that the party is a great idea, but no alcohol can be served.
  4. Suggest the event be held outside of working hours
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Q4. You are working on a project to build a production line to produce round balls. During the inspection, you observe that some of these balls are not round. You analyze the problem and find that it can be prevented by making some changes to the procedures. Therefore, you make changes to the procedure to prevent this problem again. This is an example of:

  1. Corrective action
  2. Preventive action
  3. Correction
  4. Defect repair
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Q5. Which of the following is an output of the collect requirements process?

  1. Scope management plan
  2. Requirements management plan
  3. Requirements risk breakdown
  4. Requirements traceability matrix 7
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Q6. You are sitting in a group discussion with 13 stakeholders and collecting ideas. Now you are in the final stage and are selecting the final idea. As there are many ideas, you decide to vote. After voting you see that a particular idea receives 7 votes, so you go with that option. What kind of decision making is this?

  1. Unanimity
  2. Majority
  3. Plurality
  4. Dictatorship
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Q7. During risk planning, you encounter a risk that you find difficult to manage; therefore, you make small changes to your project management plan to eliminate the risk. Which risk response strategy are you using here?

  1. Avoid
  2. Mitigate
  3. Accept
  4. Exploit
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Q8. The management theory that all people can direct their own effort is:

  1. Theory Y
  2. Herzberg’s theory
  3. Maslow’s hierarchy
  4. Theory X
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Q9. During a project team meeting, a team member suggests an enhancement to the scope that is beyond the scope of the project charter. The project manager points out that the team needs to concentrate on completing all the work and only the work required. This is an example of:

  1. Change management process
  2. Scope management
  3. Quality analysis
  4. Scope decomposition 12
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Q10. During a cost performance review with certain senior officers from the finance department, you discover there are certain inconsistencies in the way cost performance reporting is done, and you obtain data that shows these officers are deliberately misleading senior management. What should you do?

  1. Write an anonymous letter to senior management about these activities.
  2. Bring this to the notice of senior management even though there are no formal policies in place for whistleblowers.
  3. Do nothing but make sure that the data for your project is clean.
  4. Do nothing. The corrupt behavior of the finance department officials has nothing to do with your project.
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