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You are part of a team that has been told by your management that they require you to take and pass the PMP exam by the end of the year. After studying, you are the first of the group to take the actual exam. When you return to work to tell everyone you passed, you are bombarded with questions. Management tells you that since everyone else is so worried about the exam, they want you to write out all the questions you can remember from the exam and provide copies to the rest of the team. In this situation, you could do all of the following EXCEPT:
  1. Do your best to provide only what you remember exactly
  2. Offer to assist the others by motivating them
  3. Explain that providing questions from the actual exam is specifically prohibited
  4. Explain that you may have passed the exam, but you are not an expert. The team should follow the expert advice that they were given on how to study and pass the exam.

Q2. Seven non-random data points that are still within the upper and lower control limit of a control chart are:

  1. Specification limits
  2. Out of control
  3. In control
  4. Gold plated
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Q3. A team member notifies the project manager that a quality requirement for the project cannot be met. What is the LEAST effective thing for the project manager to do?

  1. Notify management
  2. Hold a team meeting
  3. Look for alternative ways to meet quality level.
  4. Ask management to come up with options.
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Q4. A project manager has been working on a project for six months with the same team, yet the team still shows a lack of support for the project. The BEST thing the project manager can do to obtain the team’s support for the project is to:

  1. Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the reward system in place.
  2. Talk to each team member’s boss with the team member present.
  3. Find someone else to be project manager.
  4. Tell the team members he needs their support, and ask the team members why they do not support the project.
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Q5. The primary customer of a project has requested an application change during user testing. As project manager, how should you BEST address this issue?

  1. Develop a risk mitigation plan.
  2. Create a formal change request.
  3. Inform the project sponsor of changes to scope, cost and schedule.
  4. Ensure the scope change compies with all relevant contractual provisions.
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Q6. You have signed a multi-year contract with a customer to complete a project for a fixed price. Since the duration of the contract is long, you have added a provision to adjust the price of the contract according to the market inflation. What kind of contract is this?

  1. FPIF
  2. FP-EPA
  3. Time and material
  4. CPIF
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Q7. You are a project manager on an international project of great importance to the client. The client is from another country and is so excited by how well the project is going that he presents you with a company automobile for your personal use. The BEST thing for you to do would be:

  1. Thank him and offer a gift in exchange
  2. Politely turn down the gift
  3. Ask that the gift be exchanged for something that can be shared by the team
  4. Ask for a gift that can be used up before you return home
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Q8. You have a project with four activities as follows: Activity 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of one. Activity 2 can start after activity 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of four. Activity 3 can start after activity 2 is completed and has an estimated duration of five. Activity 4 can start after activity 1 is completed and must be completed when activity 3 is completed. The estimate for activity 4 is 10. What is the SHORTEST amount of time in which the project can be completed?

  1. 10
  2. 9
  3. 18
  4. 11
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Q9. Which of the following is NOT part of the expert judgment tool and technique for the develop project management plan process?

  1. Tailor the process to meet the project needs
  2. Hold planning meetings to develop the risk management plan
  3. Determine resources and skill levels needed to perform project work
  4. Define the level of configuration management to apply to the project
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Q10. You want to buy a cell phone and you have two options. The first phone is cheaper and offers less functionality, but it has a proven track record of good stability and reliability. The second phone is a feature rich, costly phone but it has some stability and reliability issues. Which of the following statements is correct about these phones?

  1. The first cell phone is a low grade, high-quality phone
  2. The second cell phone is a low grade, high-quality phone
  3. The first cell phone is a high grade, low-quality phone
  4. The second cell phone is a high grade, high-quality phone
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