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You are part of a team that has been told by your management that they require you to take and pass the PMP exam by the end of the year. After studying, you are the first of the group to take the actual exam. When you return to work to tell everyone you passed, you are bombarded with questions. Management tells you that since everyone else is so worried about the exam, they want you to write out all the questions you can remember from the exam and provide copies to the rest of the team. In this situation, you could do all of the following EXCEPT:
  • Do your best to provide only what you remember exactly
  • Offer to assist the others by motivating them
  • Explain that providing questions from the actual exam is specifically prohibited
  • Explain that you may have passed the exam, but you are not an expert. The team should follow the expert advice that they were given on how to study and pass the exam.

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