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You have been assigned as project manager for a large project. This project has a very large numbers of stakeholders and you have to identify and analyze each of them. What is the best time to identify the project stakeholders?
  1. Before developing the project management plan
  2. After developing the project management plan
  3. Before starting the executing phase
  4. Before the collect requirement process

2. Daniel is managing the development of an e-commerce website for his organization. Daniel enjoys coercive powers. He has assigned Julie, a project team member, to facilitate the team meetings. During any team meeting, Julie must:

  1. Influence team members to support the project manager's decisions
  2. Support the team members to challenge the project manager's decisions
  3. Negotiate with team members to achieve the project objectives
  4. Remain neutral and conduct the meetings
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3. As the project manager of a development project, you are aware that there is a slight defect in the developed product; as a result, it will fail to meet certain regulatory standards. This was due to faulty requirements. You are also aware that the product will continue to function properly even though it fails to meet those standards. Your customer manager asks you to certify that the product meets the necessary regulatory standards, stating that this will not be verified when the report is submitted to the necessary authorities. Your stance is that:

  1. You certify the product. Regulations are only guidelines in the industry. Not meeting a regulation does not mean anything.
  2. As a one-off instance, you will certify the product to make sure the project goes through successfully.
  3. You will not certify that a product meets certain regulations when it does not, even though the product continues to function well.
  4. You certify the product, but you document your conversation with your customer manager for future purposes.
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4. You have signed a contract to have a customer care support system built for your company. In this contract, you have mentioned that you will pay all costs incurred plus a monetary benefit if you are happy with the work and the contractor fulfills some conditions set in the contract. What type of contract is this?

  1. Cost plus incentive fee
  2. Cost plus award fee
  3. Time & material
  4. Fixed price incentive fee
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5. You have a choice of four ongoing projects that you can take over as project manager. Project 1 has a benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 1.4, is a high priority project and has a critical path length of 16 months. Its cost performance index (CPI) is 1.2. Project 2 has a schedule performance index (SPI) of 1.1, is using three critical resources, has a low priority, and has a BCR of 1.1. Project 3 has a CPI of 1.2, an SPI of 0.89, a BCR of 1.6, and a critical path length of 19 months. Project 4 has a CPI of 0.82, an activity with 33 days of float, a hard-to-get resource assigned to activity L, and a priority of keeping cost low. Based on the above, which project would you prefer to take over?

  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3
  4. Project 4
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6. A project manager is trying to convince management to use more formal project management procedures and has decided to start improving the company’s project management by obtaining a project charter. Which of the following BEST describes why the project charter would help the project manager?

  1. It describes the details of what needs to be done.
  2. It lists the names of all team members.
  3. It gives the project manager authority.
  4. It describes the project’s history.
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7. An estimate that is +/-50 percent of actual is considered a:

  1. Budget estimate
  2. Rough order of magnitude estimate
  3. Definitive estimate
  4. Parametric estimate.
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8. Project performance measurements assess the magnitude of variation from the original cost baseline. Once the degree of cost variation is known, what step is performed next?

  1. Audit the project team
  2. Upgrade the configuration management database with new controls.
  3. Replanning
  4. Perform root cause analysis of the variance’s cause relative to the cost baseline
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9. A project manager estimates the work to be accomplished in the near term in detail at a low level of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). He estimates work far in the future as WBS components that are at a relatively high level of the WBS. What is this technique called?

  1. Decomposition
  2. Rolling wave planning
  3. Scope Creep
  4. Earned value planning
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10. A project manager is working with quality professionals in the Manage Quality process of the project. Which of the following activities is being performed?

  1. Perform Quality Control
  2. Determining if the right processes are being used
  3. Determining what processes should be used.
  4. Evaluating quality against the processes
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