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Project Management Question Bank
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You are collecting requirements for your project. For a few requirements you are having difficulty reaching a consensus, so you decide to vote and select the choice which has the largest number of votes. What voting technique is this?
  1. Minority
  2. Unanimity
  3. Majority
  4. Plurality

Q2. Once a project’s business case has been approved, what should be done next?

  1. Identify and analyze project stakeholders and associated risks
  2. Create the project charter
  3. Identify market demand
  4. Conduct and cost-benefit analysis
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Q3. Three years back, your organization awarded a fixed price contract to a reputable local contractor to construct a new airport terminal in the city. A few days back, you received a change request from the contractor requesting to adjust the contract’s price. The contractor is claiming that as a result of the recent national recession, the prices of raw materials have gone up and he cannot complete the rest of the project at the contract price. Is the contactor’s request legitimate?

  1. Yes, you cannot penalize the contactor for price escalations due to force majeure.
  2. Yes, unless there is no Economic Price Adjustment provision in the contract.
  3. No, the price of the contract is fixed and cannot be changed.
  4. No, the price hike due to recession must be adjusted against the contractor’s profit.
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Q4. While preparing a resource management plan, a project manager designated one of the senior programmers on the team to make decisions on whether the quality of deliverables met the project's documented standards. Which of the following aspects of a resource management plan does this address?

  1. Competency
  2. Responsibility
  3. Authority
  4. Role
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Q5. Based on the chart, what will be the effect on the project if activity C now takes four months?

  1. There will be a new critical path
  2. The project will take longer
  3. There is no change to the critical path
  4. Activity B is now on the critical path
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Q6. A change request that is issued to bring the performance of the project back in line with the project management plan is related to:

  1. Corrective action
  2. Defect repair
  3. Proactive action
  4. Preventive action
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Q7. Your team is analyzing the project and comes up with the information in the chart. What activities are on the critical path?

  1. Not enough information
  2. Activities B, C, and I
  3. Activities B, C, E, F, H
  4. Activities D, G, I Activity Baseline Crash Time Cost Time Cost A 10 $4,000 8 $6,000 B 2 $6,000 2 $6,000 C 14 $22,000 12 $26,000 D 6 $9,000 5 $10,000 E 9 $14,000 7 $19,000 F 8 $18,000 4 $36,000 64
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Q8. Bidder conferences can have a negative effect on the project if the project manager does NOT remember to make sure:

  1. All questions are put in writing and sent to all sellers
  2. All sellers get answers to their questions only
  3. To hold separate meetings with each bidder to ensure you receive proprietary data.
  4. There is room in the meeting for all sellers.
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Q9. Andrew is managing a construction project. He is using his communication, interpersonal and management skills to keep the key project stakeholders engaged with the project. Which of the following activities is not related to the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process?

  1. Addressing and resolving issues
  2. Developing the stakeholder engagement plan
  3. Confirming the stakeholders' continued commitment
  4. Negotiating and communicating with the stakeholders
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Q10. You are a project manager creating the final project report. Which information would you NOT include in this report?

  1. Scope objectives
  2. Lessons learned from previous similar projects
  3. Risk summaries
  4. Cost objectives
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