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Communication Skills Question Bank
for Exam preparation

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In monochromic cultures, the priority is:
  1. relationships
  2. the job
  3. goal achievement
  4. multiple tasks

Q2. Technical accuracy of language means:

  1. active voice
  2. simplicity
  3. correctness of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  4. direct narrative
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Q3. ____ is not one of the 7 C’s of communication:

  1. clarity
  2. correctness
  3. character
  4. conciseness
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Q4. Grooming is a form of non-verbal communication that is:

  1. hierarchical
  2. arbitrary
  3. subconscious
  4. conscious
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Q5. Culture refers to:

  1. attitude
  2. rules of behaviour
  3. behavior
  4. thinking
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Q6. Positive gestures are body signals that make you look:

  1. arrogant
  2. hurtful
  3. nervous
  4. relaxed
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Q7. In presentation design, maximum time is given to the:

  1. question–answer session
  2. introduction
  3. main body
  4. conclusion
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Q8. “Tease” or “stress” questions are intended to judge:

  1. the candidate’s intelligence quotient
  2. the candidate’s technical skill
  3. the candidate’s stress level
  4. how the candidate handles them
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Q9. As a process of sharing thoughts and ideas, communication suffers mainly from:

  1. physical barriers
  2. both physical and non-physical barriers
  3. gender differences
  4. non-physical barriers
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Q10. The exclusive center of interest in low-context communication is:

  1. individual perceptions
  2. context
  3. emotional factors
  4. information
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