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Project Management Question Bank
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Your company wants to get ISO 9001 certified. Therefore, they call some experts from a lead consultancy to come and certify the company as ISO 9001. These experts come and review your documents and verify each and every detail. What process is this?
  1. Manage quality
  2. Quality control
  3. Inspection
  4. None of the above

Q2. You have a signed project charter, and are in the process of creating a project scope statement. You have asked the team for input to ensure that the project scope statement is complete. However, the team is struggling with defining the scope. Which of the following BEST describes the problem?

  1. A WBS was not completed before scope statement was begun.
  2. The team is working on the project scope statement without the benefit of organizational process assets.
  3. The team is in the Define Scope process and needs the project scope statement as an input
  4. The project objectives were not identified before scope statement was begun.
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Q3. You are just about to present your project’s status to your company’s executive team. Just as you are leaving your desk for the meeting, one of your resources hands you an updated report on the progress of a critical deliverable. As you are walking to the conference room, you review the report and notice there is an error in it. What do you do?

  1. Do not report on that part of the project
  2. Disclose that you have just discovered there is an error in some of the information you intended to present and only present the information that you know is true
  3. Cancel the meeting
  4. Present the information as-it-is and revise it in the meeting minutes, which will be sent after two days
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Q4. The testing results for a new computer modulation project indicate a problem with the on-board computer’s sensors. The project manager calls a meeting with the team to analyze the problem. The project manager is involved in:

  1. Quality management
  2. Manage Quality
  3. Plan Quality
  4. Perform Quality Control.
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Q5. Complex projects usually demand preparation and distribution of periodic project performance reports. The contents of performance reports are usually determined early and documented in the project communications management plan. Which of the following is least likely to be a section on a work performance report?

  1. Analysis of project forecasts
  2. Current status of risks and issues
  3. Stakeholder engagement strategy
  4. Reserve burn down charts
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Q6. You are managing a project. An audit team wants to know where they can find information on training plans for the project team members and certification requirements. This are in the:

  1. Resource Breakdown Structure
  2. Staff Release Plan
  3. Resource Management Plan
  4. Communications Management Plan
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Q7. Which of the following and is the BEST method of completing “what if” scenarios to determine what combination of resources and interdependence will produce the best schedule?

  1. Critical chain method
  2. Monte Carlo
  3. Parametric estimating
  4. Resource leveling
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Q8. You provide a project cost estimate for the project to the project sponsor. He is unhappy with the estimate because he thinks the price should be lower. He asks you to cut 15 percent off the project estimate. What should you do?

  1. Start the project and constantly look for cost savings
  2. Tell the team members to cut 15 percent from their estimates
  3. Inform the sponsor of the activities to be cut
  4. Add additional resources with low hourly rates.
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Q9. Changes in projects are inevitable. Therefore, project managers must develop or use a system to manage and control changes. There are four types of changes that need to be controlled in a project: Project changes, deliverable changes, process changes, and baseline changes. The impact of each of these changes must be evaluated, and approved or rejected changes must be communicated to all stakeholders, as and when required. Which of the following helps control these changes?

  1. Configuration control and Control chart
  2. Configuration control and Change control
  3. Control chart and Cost control
  4. Change control and Control chart
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Q10. The project manager on a large software installation project is working with her team on a critical set of activities. They are working late on Saturday night. Circumstances create the situation wherein the project manager must decide to change the schedule that will push the end date of the project out two weeks. What BEST action should the project manager take next as a result of her decision?

  1. Immediately document and capture the changes and present them to the change control board the next time that board is available for contact.
  2. Look for free float to bring the project back into schedule
  3. Implement configuration management in order to obtain senior management approval and then make the change.
  4. Review her detailed risk assessment development process to ensure that other unidentified risks are included and a plan for mitigation is created.
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