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There is no bread left because we ______ it all.
  1. have eaten
  2. has been eaten
  3. had eaten
  4. have been eaten

Q2. Find the synonym of the following word. ***** Rubbish

  1. scrap
  2. crump
  3. stone
  4. litter
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Q3. If you draw a ……… over something unpleasant, you try to forget something and avoid the subject.

  1. scarfe
  2. hat
  3. hood
  4. veil
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Q4. The firefighters had to break the door ______ to rescue the little girl.

  1. into
  2. out
  3. down
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Q5. I have ---- patience than Ted.

  1. fewer
  2. less
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Q6. The kids in the hospital had a ray of sunshine in their lives when

  1. some famous footballers visited them
  2. they were taken to sit outside in the sun
  3. the nurses checked their blood pressure
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Q7. The (abandoned) boat was found miles away from the shore; they never found out who had been on it.

  1. cherished
  2. deserted
  3. shabby
  4. austere
  5. unabashed
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Q8. If you hear something on the grapevine, you hear it...

  1. from someone who heard it from someone else
  2. from an authoritative or dependable source
  3. while shopping at the greengrocer’s
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Q9. Most people were not impressed when in 1913, the Daily Mail newspaper offered 10.000 pounds to the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic in under 72 hours. The majority of scientists, even said it could not be done. Certainly the problems involved were many and far ranging. Obviously the design of the aero plane was of great importance, but so too were the skill and courage of the pilot and the navigator; weather conditions also had to be taken into consideration. A very few enthusiasts thought it might be possible ten years later. They were wrong. A pilot received the prize just six years later. --------- When the Daily Mail offered a prize in 1913, for flying across the Atlantic _____.

  1. there were few aero planes that could stay in the air for more than 72 hours.
  2. many enthusiastic amateurs were eager to try.
  3. the majority of scientists thought it could be done.
  4. almost no one believed it was possible to do this within the next ten years.
  5. the general public were very interested in the scheme.
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Q10. If someone drops a bombshell, they

  1. make a serious mistake
  2. create a big problem
  3. have some big, bad news
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