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Project Management Question Bank
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In your project, two important stakeholders are having some issues. To keep this issue from escalating further you intervene and resolve the issue. After the issue is resolved you asked your team member to record the issue so in the future a lesson can be learned from it. Where will you note the issues between stakeholders?
  1. Risk register
  2. Issue log
  3. Stakeholder register
  4. Change log

Q2. Most project management software packages use a method of constructing a project schedule network diagram known as:

  1. Waterfall Method
  2. Precedence Diagramming Method
  3. Agile Method
  4. Just-in-time Method
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Q3. A project manager has scheduled technical training for his or her project team members to increase their skills. During which of the following processes will the team member receive this training?

  1. Manage Quality
  2. Acquire Resources
  3. Develop Team
  4. Plan Resource Management
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Q4. Which of the following is the primary output of the Develop Project Team process?

  1. Change requests
  2. Staffing management plan
  3. Team performance assessment
  4. Updated issue log
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Q5. The cost estimates for a project are in the range of +/- 5 %. What phase is the project likely to be in?

  1. Closing phase
  2. Preliminary phase
  3. Initial phase
  4. Intermediate phase
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Q6. Who has the cost risk in a fixed price (FP) contract?

  1. The team
  2. The buyer
  3. The seller
  4. Management
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Q7. You have signed a contract with a contractor which states that you will pay for the entire contractor’s legitimate costs, plus a fee based on the subjective evaluation of his performance; this will not be subject to an appeal. What kind of contract is this?

  1. CPIF
  2. CPFF
  3. FPIF
  4. CPAF
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Q8. During construction of a new manufacturing facility in another country, one of your team members complains to you that the wage paid to the workers is below the acceptable wage in your home country. In this situation it is BEST to:

  1. Pay the workers at the new facility the same wage as your country.
  2. Pay the workers at the new facility a little less than the acceptable wage in your country
  3. Pay the workers an appropriate wage for the country within which they work
  4. Ignore the issue as you have not heard the workers complain
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Q9. A project post-mortem is an activity, usually performed at the project’s conclusion, to determine and analyze a project’s outcome which also includes a lessons-learned gathering exercise. Project post-mortems help to mitigate future risks and are often a key component of, and ongoing precursor to, effective risk management. Which of the following is a terrible mistake when collecting lessons learned?

  1. Documenting both the success stories and the failed attempts
  2. Calculating project’s final statistics
  3. Focusing purely on the negatives and analyzing failures
  4. Conducting a comprehensive performance review
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Q10. You are in the middle of executing a major modification to an existing product when you learn that the resources promised at the beginning of the project are not available. The BEST thing to do is to:

  1. Show how the resources were originally promised to your project.
  2. Re-plan the project without the resources
  3. Explain the impact if the promised resources are not made available
  4. Crash the project
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