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Project Management Question Bank
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Two team members come to you with a dispute regarding their roles and responsibilities. To resolve the dispute, which document will you refer to?
  1. Resource histogram
  2. RAM matrix
  3. Scatter diagram
  4. Stakeholder register

Q2. You are given a new project to manage and a brief project scope statement. The project sponsor tells you that there is no required completion date for the project. The BEST thing to do is to:

  1. Ask for better definition of the project scope before accepting the project.
  2. Accomplish the project as time allows
  3. Plan the project as you would a normal project, but build in schedule flexibility
  4. Make a list of activities that need to be done.
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Q3. What does the following sentence refer to? “The point where the benefits or revenue to be received from improving quality equals the incremental cost to achieve that quality.”

  1. Quality control analysis
  2. Marginal analysis
  3. Standard quality analysis
  4. Conformance analysis
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Q4. A project manager new to project management is taking on a new project. When is the BEST time to help build the people working on the project into a team?

  1. During project initiating
  2. Before committing to a project cost estimate
  3. Throughout the project
  4. During project planning
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Q5. You have completed a milestone in your software development project, and you are now verifying that the product meets the specifications outlined in the project management plan. In which process group is this process?

  1. Closing
  2. Monitor and Controlling
  3. Executing
  4. Planning
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Q6. You are constructing a school building and due to some unforeseen incidents, your project is delayed. To bring the project on schedule, you are thinking about running several activities in parallel which were earlier planned to run sequentially. So, you started reviewing activities such as excavation of foundation, building walls, carpentry work, electrical work, and plumbing work, etc. After the review, you decide to run the carpentry, electrical, and plumbing works together. Excavating the foundation for the construction of a wall is an example of which of the following?

  1. Mandatory dependency
  2. Discretionary dependency
  3. External dependency
  4. Internal dependency
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Q7. You have been appointed manager of a project to convert multiple electronic mail systems at a major financial institution to a single platform. Your company’s approach was not the client’s first choice, and your firm was able to be the lowest cost alternative by using funds provided to your company for a different purpose. After the project is underway, the client specifies a new approach that has never been used before. When the project is approaching the originally scheduled end date, it becomes clear that the technological approach will have to be significantly altered. Although the client has been apprized of development throughout the project through regular status reports, and the project management plan has been followed, the client demands that the project be continued without any increase in cost until all of the client’s requirements are met. Your firm feels hat it has no choice but to comply with the client’s demands, although this will result in a substantial loss on the project. What was the MOST important thing that should have been done to avoid this situation?

  1. Better identification of risks and development of risk mitigation strategies
  2. Clearer project scope statement
  3. Enhanced communications management plan
  4. Formal client acceptance of the project management plan.
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Q8. You gave the responsibility of collecting requirements from project stakeholders to four of your team members. After starting the requirements collection process one of your team members left the job and the requirements could not be compiled properly. Initially, you did not notice this, however, during a product review, a few stakeholders told you that some of the features in the products were not requested by them. Therefore, to verify their comments you review the product requirements and identify the issue. This is an example of:

  1. Scope creep
  2. Scope slippage
  3. Gold plating
  4. Opportunity
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Q9. You are performing the inspection of a deliverable with your contractor to determine if the deliverable is meeting requirements. After being satisfied with the inspection, you accept the deliverable. Which process are you in?

  1. Quality control
  2. Validate scope
  3. Close procurement
  4. Procurement audit
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Q10. Your boss tells you that one of your resources is needed on another project. All the activities in the chart are occurring at the same time. Assuming that all the resources listed have the necessary skills to work on the other project, who would you pick to move to the other project?

  1. The resource working on Activity D
  2. The resource working on Activity C
  3. The resource working on Activity H
  4. The resource working on Activity B
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