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Your project is very complex and due to a scope change, you need a few additional experts, which you did not think of earlier. You request that your company provide you with some experts for consultancy work. Although your company has provided you with those experts, they are located in a different geographical location. In this situation, how will you get their input?
  1. Ask management to bring them to you
  2. Recruit new members with same skills
  3. Create a virtual team
  4. None of the above

Q2. People associated with the organization in which you are working with have been complaining about the lack of information regarding upcoming changes and want to get information now. Some of them feel what they have heard about your project means they will lose their job or be forced to find a different position with the company. Luckily for you, the SPI is at 1.08 and the CPI is at .99, so you feel confident of success. What is the BEST way to deal with this situation?

  1. Update the organizational process assets and reassess the risks of this type of situation occurring again.
  2. Use face-to-face meetings to gather further information about the issues and use the issue log to tract the issues to completion.
  3. Use smoothing to let the people know they are not in act going to lose their jobs, and fight for better feedback in the future.
  4. Have the people submit a change request so their concerns may be addressed and have the change control board review the change for merit.
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Q3. The project you are working on has received an invoice from a vendor for US$17,500. However, your team believes the correct total due is US$15,300. When you notify the vendor, the vendor still insists on US$17,500. What is the best course of action now?

  1. Pay $15,300
  2. Negotiate with the vendor
  3. File a lawsuit
  4. Pay $17,500
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Q4. Which of the following contains an item that is NOT an output of the Plan Procurements process?

  1. Procurement management plan, procurement documents, procurement contract award
  2. Procurement statement of work, procurement management plan, make-or-buy decisions
  3. Requested changes, procurement management plan, source selection criteria
  4. Make-or-buy decisions, procurement statement of work, change requests.
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Q5. Which of the following sequences represents straight line depreciation?

  1. $100, $100, $100
  2. $100, $120, $40
  3. $100, $120, $160
  4. $160, $140, $120
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Q6. Checklists, fishbone diagrams, and Pareto charts are ALL examples of:

  1. Tools used to define scope
  2. Tools used in quality management
  3. Tools used in team performance assessments
  4. Parts of a project management plan.
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Q7. A number of teams are developing an enterprise system using the agile approach for product development. Which of the following is a major risk item for such a complex project being performed in an agile environment?

  1. Number of interconnected dependencies between the features developed by different teams.
  2. Number and size of teams developing the larger features.
  3. Scope definition and freezing early during the planning phase.
  4. Emphasis on schedule control over risk management.
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Q8. Which of the following is accurate regarding agreements in Project Procurement Management?

  1. Agreements can never be terminated.
  2. Terms and conditions never include the seller’s proposal.
  3. Agreements are informal documents.
  4. Agreements are legal documents between a buyer and a seller.
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Q9. Which of these tools and techniques is common to all seven Project Integration Management processes?

  1. Meetings
  2. Data analysis
  3. Data gathering
  4. Expert Judgment
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Q10. Which of the following would generally lead to the LEAST amount of quality improvement?

  1. TQM
  2. Quality planning
  3. Implementing an ISO 9000 standard
  4. Increasing inspection
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