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Project Management Question Bank
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The create WBS process is where you create the work breakdown structure. The WBS helps you immensely in developing the schedule and other project management activities. Which of the following is the highest element in the hierarchical breakdown of the work breakdown structure?
  1. Control account
  2. Project work
  3. Deliverable
  4. Milestone

Q2. In quality terms, one of the meanings of “out of control” is:

  1. Someone on the team is upset
  2. A data point on a control chart falls inside the upper or lower control limit.
  3. Several data points on the same side of the mean within the upper and lower control limits.
  4. A data point is within 1 sigma.
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Q3. The project status report is an example of which form of communication?

  1. Formal written communication
  2. Formal verbal communication
  3. Informal written communication
  4. Informal verbal communication
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Q4. Joe is attempting to calculate the probable financial impact of some future uncertain scenarios. What method could he use?

  1. Pareto analysis
  2. Earned value analysis
  3. Variance analysis
  4. Expected monetary value analysis
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Q5. All requested changes to a contract go through Contract Change Control Systems of both parties. The Contract Change Control system documents all requested changes for future reference. However, requested but unresolved changes might not make it up to either party’s Change Control Systems. If you are contesting a dispute, where can you find a record of such requested changes?

  1. Procurement management plan
  2. Project management plan
  3. Project correspondence
  4. Approved change requests log
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Q6. Julia is managing a software development project. Recently, an unexpected event delayed the project by 15 days. Julia has called a team meeting to identify measures to take to bring the project back on schedule. A measure that is taken to bring future results back in line with the project plan is best described as?

  1. Change request
  2. Preventive action
  3. Corrective action
  4. Defect repair
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Q7. A program management office (PMO) chose you to write a purchase order because of your expertise in business writing. You learned the PMO has already selected a seller for a software product and would like to award the procurement contract to the selected seller as a purchase order, which you must prepare. In this scenario, the PMO is administering:

  1. The monitor stakeholder engagement process
  2. The control procurements process
  3. The plan procurement management process
  4. The conduct procurements process
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Q8. Your company has a policy that only a certain hotel chain may be used for business travel. You discover that a more expensive hotel is offering a discount on the days you need to be in town. What should you do?

  1. Ask your manager for permission to use the other hotel chain
  2. Contact the hotel chain to negotiate a better rate
  3. Use the company’s hotel chain
  4. Provide justification on your expense report for using the other hotel chain.
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Q9. The project charter for a project was approved for planning, and you have just been assigned as project manager. Realizing that project planning is an ongoing effort throughout the project, which processes are you MOST likely to combine?

  1. Create WBS and Define Activities
  2. Estimate Activity Durations and Develop Schedule
  3. Plan Resource Management and Estimate Costs
  4. Estimate Costs and Determine Budget
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Q10. A project manager is in the process of scope verification of a deliverable with the customer. What is the MOST important thing the project manager should ensure?

  1. Accuracy
  2. Timeliness
  3. Acceptance
  4. Completeness 7
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