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While reading a magazine article, you discover that there is a tool of project management that other companies are using, but that your company has never heard of. What should you do?
  1. Copy the article and pass it around your company
  2. Talk to your colleagues and see if they know about it.
  3. Arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss it
  4. Summarize your opinion of the benefits of using this information in your company. Present your analysis to your manager

2. Gordon is currently developing his project‘s stakeholder engagement strategy. All enterprise environmental factors should be considered during this process. Which of the following enterprise environmental factors should receive particular attention during this process?

  1. Project templates
  2. Lessons learned from past similar projects
  3. Commercial databases
  4. The organization‘s culture and political climate
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3. The agile technique of on-demand scheduling is not suitable when:

  1. Product deliverables can be incrementally developed.
  2. Project requirements can be decomposed into smaller chunks that are relatively similar in size and scope.
  3. Project tasks can be bundled by size and scope.
  4. The use of a predictive lifecycle is mandated by the customer.
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4. You are over budget and it is impossible to complete the project with the given budget. Therefore, you raise the change request which management approves. After the change request is approved, you update the cost baseline and update other project documents. The document used to register any changes which occur during the project execution is known as:

  1. Risk register
  2. Issue log
  3. Change log
  4. RACI matrix
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5. During the team member acquiring process, you observe that a particular employee from another department can be used for your project for some work. Therefore, you ask their functional manager to provide the employee on alternate days. The functional manager says they can provide you with the particular employee for only two days a week. Which technique are you using here?

  1. Acquire project team
  2. Negotiation
  3. Pre-assignment
  4. Develop project team
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6. A project team is having difficulty communicating over long distances. There are 13 team members from two countries when five people from Indian are added to the project. How many communication channels are there?

  1. 153
  2. 180
  3. 324
  4. 362
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7. While completing work, a project team member tells you that a work package has been forgotten in the WBS. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Wait for a change request to be processed.
  2. Include it in the WBS
  3. Include it only in the network diagram.
  4. Include it in the estimate, but not the activity list.
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8. In the create WBS process, you sub-divide project deliverables and project work into smaller and more manageable components. The output of this process is the scope baseline and project document update. Which of the following truly represents the scope baseline?

  1. Scope statement, scope management plan, schedule baseline
  2. Scope statement, WBS, WBS dictionary
  3. WBS, WBS dictionary
  4. Scope statement, WBS, schedule baseline
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9. The project is just starting out and consists of people from 14 different departments. The project charter was signed by one person and contains over 30 major requirements that must be met on the project. The sponsor has informed the project manager that the SPI must be kept between 0.95 and 1.1. A few minutes of investigation resulted in the identification of 34 stakeholders, and schedule objectives on the project are constrained. A project manager has just been hired. Which of the following types of project management power will BEST help the project manager gain the cooperation of others?

  1. Formal
  2. Referent
  3. Penalty
  4. Expert.
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10. What is a control chart?

  1. A type of RACI chart
  2. A chart that shows the root cause of a problem
  3. A type of fishbone diagram
  4. A chart that shows the stability of a process
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