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IRGST Question Bank for Exam Preparation
Project Management Question Bank

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You have joined an ongoing project. This project is in trouble, so you identify the issues which have the highest effect on the project, and now you are analyzing the reason for these issues. Which tool are you using now?
  1. Fishbone diagram
  2. Pareto diagram
  3. Scatter diagram
  4. Tornado diagram

Q2. Project coordination is enhanced through progress reporting, variance reporting, and team meetings. These are all forms of:

  1. Staffing management.
  2. Risk management.
  3. Time management.
  4. Communications management.
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Q3. You have a US $100,000,000 project that has 34 team members in four different countries. At the completion of project planning, you have identified six risks, 225 work packages, 13 stakeholders and seven phases to the project life cycle. What part of this project management plan needs to be revisited?

  1. The Identify Risks process
  2. The staffing management plan
  3. The network diagram
  4. The communications management plan
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Q4. A project manager uses the precedence diagramming method (PDM) for constructing a project schedule network and creates a network diagram for the purpose. He decides to use the most common type of precedence relationship for all activities. Which of the following relationships would he use?

  1. Start-to-finish (SF)
  2. Finish-to-finish (FF)
  3. Start-to-start (SS)
  4. Finish-to-start (FS)
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Q5. During the project executing, a project team member informs the project manager that a work package has not met the quality metric, and that she believes it is not possible to meet it. The project manager meets with all parties concerned to analyze the situation. Which part of the quality management process is the project manager involved in?

  1. Manage Quality
  2. Project Control
  3. Perform Quality Control
  4. Plan Quality.
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Q6. You have a firm fixed price (FP) contract with a clause stating that all changes to the contract statement of work must be written. One of your team members verbally instructed the seller to ad a change that resulted in a 100 percent work package return. In this situation, what conflict management strategy should you use (as the project manager) with the team member?

  1. Punishment
  2. Problem solving
  3. Negotiating
  4. Withdrawal.
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Q7. A project manager is working with management to create the project estimate. During the initiating process group, what level of accuracy should the estimate have?

  1. +/- 50 percent
  2. -10 percent to +25 percent
  3. -35 percent to +75 percent
  4. -10 percent to +10 percent
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Q8. A company attorney, newly hired by the company, walks into the project manager’s office and tells her that he is ready to work with her on the procurement process. The project manager has little experience with procurement, so she is excited to have the assistance. With which of the following would it be BEST for the project manager to ask the attorney to help?

  1. Claims administration, audit results, and updating organizational process assets.
  2. Contract change control system, payments, and change requests.
  3. Recommend corrective actions, performance reporting, and records management system.
  4. Procurement documentation, project management plan updates, and procurement management plan updates.
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Q9. Conflict on projects is usually caused by:

  1. Schedules, project priorities, resources, and technical opinions
  2. Schedules, personality, priorities, and resources
  3. Schedules, personalities, priorities, and technical opinions.
  4. Schedules, cost, priorities, and resources.
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Q10. You are managing a project with a budget of 500,000 USD, and 250,000 USD has been spent. Upon review, you observe that only 40% of the work has been completed. Your schedule says that you should have completed 50% of the work. What is estimate at completion (EAC)?

  1. 625,000 USD
  2. 500,000 USD
  3. 400,000 USD
  4. 375,000 USD
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