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Validate scope is the process which helps increase the chances that the client will accept the deliverable. Here, the client reviews the verified deliverable from the control quality process. Which of the following statements is true about validate scope process?
  1. You complete this process with the client
  2. You and your team members complete the process
  3. It is performed by QA / QC personal
  4. None of the above

2. You are in the process of reviewing bids from various vendors for work on your project. One of the bidding vendors has a history of delivering on time and within budget, and you have personally worked with this company successfully on previous engagements. You receive a call from the manager submitting the bid inquiring about how the process is going. He asks to have lunch with you to discuss the bid. What is the BEST response?

  1. Do not mention the other bidders but simply inform him that based on past experience, he has a good chance of winning the business.
  2. Inform him that it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter at all and document the conversation.
  3. Inform him that it would not be appropriate to discuss the matter over the phone during business hours, but that an informal lunch discussion would be more appropriate.
  4. Politely avoid continuing the conversation and disregard the bid.
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3. Which of the following is NOT a factor in the project manager’s acquiring the best resources for the project?

  1. Schedule model
  2. Activity attributes
  3. Quantified resource requirements by activity.
  4. Directive of the project manager.
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4. Halfway through the project, the client considers cancelling the remaining work and the contract. It would be BEST to look at which of the following to determine the purpose for the project?

  1. The project description and need in the project charter
  2. The WBS dictionary to verify that the scope is correct
  3. The risk response plan to evaluate alternatives
  4. The chart of accounts to determine the estimate at completion
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5. Which of the following is a chief characteristic of the Delphi technique?

  1. Extrapolation from historical records from previous projects
  2. Expert opinion
  3. Analytical hierarchy process
  4. Bottom-up approach.
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6. A project manager new to project management is taking on a new project. When is the BEST time to help build the people working on the project into a team?

  1. During project initiating
  2. Before committing to a project cost estimate
  3. Throughout the project
  4. During project planning
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7. You are performing the inspection of a deliverable with your contractor to determine if the deliverable is meeting requirements. After being satisfied with the inspection, you accept the deliverable. Which process are you in?

  1. Quality control
  2. Validate scope
  3. Close procurement
  4. Procurement audit
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8. You are managing a project with a large multinational staff. Susan, one of the engineers, was originally asked to deliver her part of the work on October 19. Due to a change in the critical path, her deliverable will be needed two days sooner. However, as the new deadline is still two weeks away and she is ahead of schedule, you are confident her delivery will be on time. During a staff meeting, you learn from John, her functional manager, that Susan celebrates a religious holiday on October 17. However, he also tells you that Susan is not particularly religious; if pushed a bit and offered some incentive, she may forego celebrating this holiday and come to work. What should you do?

  1. Check whether one of her colleagues can share some of her workload this week
  2. Increase her project incentive if she agrees to deliver her presentation on the 17th
  3. Let the critical path remain the same
  4. Ask her boss to ask her to skip the holiday
Correct Answer

9. On any project, the configuration control should be focused on the specification of:

  1. Deliverables and processes
  2. Scope and cost
  3. Risk and resources
  4. Schedule and quality
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10. The Budget at Completion (BAC) for a project is $50,000. The Actual Costs (AC) to date are $10,000. The Earned Value (EV) is $7,000. At this stage, the project management team did a manual bottom-up summation of costs and forecast an Estimate to Complete (ETC) of $50,000. What is the Estimate at Completion (EAC) for the project?

  1. $57,000
  2. $40,000
  3. $60,000
  4. $53,000
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