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Project Management Question Bank
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Which of the following helps the project team to look at many sources from which project risks may arise in a risk identification exercise?
  1. Work Breakdown Structure
  2. Risk Breakdown Structure
  3. Risk register
  4. Issue log

Q2. Based on the chart, how is the project doing?

  1. You are in the trouble because there are three activities with no float
  2. You have a lot of flexibility because you have activities with float
  3. You do not have enough information to make a decision
  4. Everything is fine because you have an even number of activities with and without float.
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Q3. All of the following are examples of Perform Quality Control EXCEPT:

  1. Inspection
  2. Cost of quality
  3. Pareto chart
  4. Fishbone diagram
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Q4. You work in a matrix organization when a team member comes to you to admit he is having trouble with his activity. Although not yet in serious trouble, the team member admits he is uncertain of how to perform part of the work on the activity. He suggests a training class available next week. What should you do?

  1. Switch to a trained resource to avoid the cost
  2. Determine if anyone else needs training
  3. Get money from the team member’s functional department budget
  4. Get money from the project budget
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Q5. While reading a magazine article, you discover that there is a tool of project management that other companies are using, but that your company has never heard of. What should you do?

  1. Copy the article and pass it around your company
  2. Talk to your colleagues and see if they know about it.
  3. Arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss it
  4. Summarize your opinion of the benefits of using this information in your company. Present your analysis to your manager
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Q6. Which of the following is not an input to the Develop Project Charter process?

  1. Agreements
  2. Business Case
  3. Benefits management plan
  4. Stakeholder register
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Q7. You are working for a large project organization with several project managers working on 15 projects. All project managers submit their status reports at month’s end. One of your fellow project managers, Jane, has reported an error in the past two months. From discussions with one of her project’s team members who is also working on one of your projects, you realize Jane is deliberately misreporting the project’s status to inflate her performance for the annual performance appraisal next month. The monthend review meeting is in two days, and you are preparing your own presentation for it. What should you say about her status report?

  1. Investigate and verify the blame before reporting the incorrect status to the appropriate management.
  2. Since there is no direct relationship between your project and hers, there is no need to intervene in this issue.
  3. Prepare a brief of what you have discussed with her team member and report the inconsistency in the meeting
  4. Send an email to her boss asking to check the contents of her report
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Q8. Ben is the project manager for a mobile application development project. Due to a recent technological development, a significant change in the product design is required. This change would require a 25 percent increase in the project budget. Ben prepares a detailed report and emails it to the project sponsor, and the sponsor acknowledges the receipt of the report. What should Ben do next?

  1. Update the cost management plan
  2. Update the project budget
  3. Update the project schedule
  4. Wait for the formal approval of the new budget
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Q9. A project team budgeted US $3,000 for the work performed and has spent US $4,000, to date. If they budgeted US $5,000 for the work scheduled, what is the cost variance (CV)?

  1. ($1,000)
  2. $2,000
  3. $1,000
  4. ($2,000)
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Q10. A project manager has put in place rules covering who will have access to controlled documents, how changes to these items will be recorded and approved, and how everyone will know what the current version is. The project manager is therefore creating a:

  1. Work authorization system
  2. Change control system
  3. Configuration management system
  4. Project management information system
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