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Project Management Question Bank
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You have signed a contract with the client to provide manpower for 50 USD/hour. Moreover, you will also be reimbursed for any costs incurred, along with a fixed fee of 25,000 USD. What kind of contract is this?
  1. FPIF
  2. T&M
  3. CPAF
  4. CPIF

Q2. When would a milestone chart e used instead of a bar chart?

  1. Project planning
  2. Reporting to team members
  3. Reporting to management
  4. Risk analysis
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Q3. Which of the following is CORRECT concerning a change management plan?

  1. It should include a method for controlling schedule
  2. It is better if it focuses on cost
  3. It is better if it concentrates on risk
  4. It should be created during the executing process group.
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Q4. While managing a project, you have included the product acceptance criteria in the Quality Management Plan. While reviewing your plan, a senior manager asks you to reconsider this. You then realize that what you did is incorrect. Where should you place the product acceptance criteria?

  1. Project Charter
  2. Change control process
  3. Project Scope Statement
  4. Scope Verification Plan
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Q5. During the first half of the project, five team members left for other projects without being replaced, two team members went on vacation without informing you, and other team members expressed uncertainty about the work they were to complete. In this situation, it is BEST if you create a _______ for the second half of the project?

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Resource histogram
  3. Staffing management plan
  4. Responsibility assigned matrix.
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Q6. The customer’s expectations for quality are shown on a control chart as the:

  1. Mean
  2. Specification limits
  3. Rule of seven
  4. Upper and lower control limits
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Q7. Which of the following BEST describes the meaning of the 50/50 rule?

  1. Grant 50 percent progress on an activity when it begins and 50 percent upon completion
  2. 50 percent of the work is done by 50 percent of the people on the project
  3. Identify 50 percent of risks before you start to develop responses.
  4. The project is given credit for completing 50 percent of the work when it starts.
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Q8. The communications management plan for the project has been completed and approved by the customer when a major stakeholder requests that the project manager issue reports on the amount o testing done throughout the life of the project. However, testing is only a minor aspect of the quality control plan. It would be BEST for the project manager to:

  1. Issue the report, as this is a major stakeholder. Her needs would have been included in the staffing management plan.
  2. Not issue the report. Project resources should be expended on communication information that contributes to success.
  3. Request details of the information the stakeholder needs in the report. Provide that information to those handling the quality control function on the project.
  4. Have the stakeholders meet with the project sponsor to get the sponsor’s agreement that project funds should be expended on this effort.
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Q9. During the status review with your stakeholders, one of the stakeholders told you that they were not asked for their opinion, and now they need a change in the product characteristics. This change may lead to a change in your cost and schedule baseline. Which of the following processes could have helped you prevent this issue?

  1. Collect requirements
  2. Control scope
  3. Identify risks
  4. Scope creep
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Q10. The project CPI is 1.02, the benefit cost ratio is 1.7 and the latest round of performance reviews identified few needed adjustments. The project team was co-located into a new building when the project started. Everyone commented on how excited they were to have all new facilities. The sponsor is providing adequate support for the project and few unidentified risks have occurred In an attempt to improve performance, the project manager spends part of the project budget on new chairs for the team members and adds the term “senior” to each team member’s job title. Which of the following is the MOST correct thing that can be said of this project or the project manager?

  1. The project manager has misunderstood Herzberg’s theory
  2. The project is slowly spending more money than it should. The project manager should begin to watch cost more carefully
  3. The performance review should be handled better to find more adjustments
  4. The project manager should use good judgment to determine which variances are important.
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