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Project Management Question Bank
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You are constructing a big mall for a client. During the execution phase, the client requests additional work and you agree. The scope of work is clear but you are lacking expertise and time, so you decide to procure this part of the work. What kind of contract will you select considering you can review invoices submitted by a contractor?
  1. Firm fixed price
  2. Cost plus fixed fee
  3. Fixed price incentive fee
  4. Time & material

Q2. You have been appointed as the manager of a new, large, and complex project. Because this project is business-critical and very visible, senior management has told you to analyze the project’s risks and prepare response strategies for them as soon as possible. The organization has risk management procedures that are seldom used or followed, and has had a history of handling risks badly. The project’s first milestone is in two weeks. In preparing the risk response plan, input from which of the following is generally LEAST important?

  1. Key stakeholders
  2. Project team members
  3. Project sponsor
  4. Individual responsible for risk management policies and templates.
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Q3. In an activity-on-node diagram, the nodes represent:

  1. Work packages
  2. Activities
  3. Dependencies
  4. Discretionaries 40
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Q4. You are analyzing whether the stakeholders are resistant, neutral, or supporting and noting down all the information in a table. What tool is this?

  1. Stakeholder register
  2. Stakeholders engagement assessment matrix
  3. RACI chart
  4. RAM
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Q5. Linda has been assigned to establish a PMO in her organization. Linda believes this project cannot succeed unless all the key project stakeholders support the project. She also believes she needs to pay special attention to stakeholder management to ensure success of this project. First, she needs to develop her stakeholder register. To produce the project stakeholder register, which of the following processes must Linda start?

  1. Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Identify Stakeholders
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Q6. Your construction project is in execution, and you require a major change to one of your supplier agreements. Can you directly make this change with mutual consent of the supplier during the Control Procurements process, or do you have to visit the Perform Integrated Change Control process, as well?

  1. The change request needs to be approved through the Control Procurements process prior to making the change through the Integrated Change Control process.
  2. The change request can be directly processed through the Control Procurements process since the change requests only affects a particular supplier agreement.
  3. The Control Procurements process is about identifying variances. The supplier contract can directly be altered through the Perform Integrated Change Control process.
  4. The change request needs to be approved through the Perform Integrated Change Control process prior to making the change through the Control Procurements process.
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Q7. What is the traditional way to display a reporting structure among project team members?

  1. Text-oriented role description
  2. Flowchart
  3. Project organization charts
  4. Matrix-based responsibility chart
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Q8. Risk response owners can potentially have conflict with risk auditors because risk auditors:

  1. Report to the project manager
  2. Investigate the effectiveness of the risk response owner
  3. Measure the effectiveness of the risk thresholds.
  4. Report to the stakeholders
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Q9. The communication model helps you communicate information to stakeholders smoothly. Which of the following is not a basic step in the communication model?

  1. Encode
  2. Transmit message
  3. Remove noise
  4. Decode message
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Q10. You are the project level manager with several project activities underway. In the executing process group, you begin to become concerned about the accuracy of progress reports from the projects. What would BEST support your opinion that there is a problem?

  1. Quality audits
  2. Risk quantification reports
  3. Regression analysis
  4. Monte Carlo analysis
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