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Project Management Question Bank
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You are making another international trip and have been invited to a holiday celebration; you discover that all of the subcontracted work for the project has been given to one of the team member’s brothers. What should you do?
  1. Do nothing if the project is progressing on schedule.
  2. Evaluate the cost of the subcontracted work.
  3. Determine what the common practices are in that country.
  4. Tell the team member that such actions are not allowed.

Q2. You are beginning a new project. When should you use the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

  1. Throughout the entire project
  2. Only when closing out the project
  3. Only after the project is completely funded
  4. Only after the project scope is clearly defined
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Q3. A project employs a virtual team with team members located in different offices in the same city as well as across different cities. The project manager wishes to build trust and good working relationships. One of the best ways to do this is:

  1. To use team-building strategies
  2. Write a memo to the team detailing the need for good working relationships
  3. Plan for job-rotation on a weekly basis
  4. To encourage the use of telephonic conversations as much as possible
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Q4. Jim is managing a road network design project for a government agency. He is currently performing the Plan Stakeholder Engagement process for the project. Which of the following documents will provide the list of project stakeholders to Jim for this process?

  1. Organizational process assets
  2. Enterprise environmental factors
  3. Stakeholder register
  4. Project management plan
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Q5. Which of the following processes belong to the planning process group?

  1. Identify Stakeholders
  2. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
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Q6. When the cost of an activity cannot be estimated with an adequate degree of certainty, the work within the activity can be decomposed. The resource requirements for each lower, more detailed work package can be estimated and aggregated to form a basis for estimating the cost for overarching scheduled activity. What is this type of estimating called?

  1. Bottom-up estimating
  2. Decomposed estimating
  3. Should-cost estimating
  4. Three-point estimating
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Q7. Which of the following BEST describes product analysis?

  1. Working with the customer to determine the product description.
  2. Mathematically analyzing the quality desired for the project.
  3. Gaining a better understanding of the product of the project in order to create the project scope statement.
  4. Determining if the quality standard on the project can be met.
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Q8. Breaking down project activities into smaller components in order to obtain a more accurate cost estimate and then aggregating the estimates of the lower-level components is:

  1. Work breakdown structure
  2. Analogous estimating
  3. Decomposition
  4. Bottom-up estimating
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Q9. A dependency requiring that design be completed before manufacturing can start is an example of:

  1. Discretionary dependency
  2. External dependency
  3. Mandatory dependency
  4. Scope dependency
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Q10. You are estimating the cost for your project by using historical data and applying it to your project, such as the cost of painting per square foot. Which technique are you using here?

  1. Bottom up
  2. Top down
  3. Analogous
  4. Parametric
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