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Project Management Question Bank
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The client needs a small modification in the project scope, and he discusses it with you. He has told you that this may not increase the cost and may actually save some money. What will your next step be?
  1. Approve it
  2. Reject it
  3. Review it
  4. Discuss it with the management

Q2. You have always been asked by your management to cut your project estimate by 10 percent after you have given it to them. The scope of your new project is unclear and there are over 30 stakeholders. Management expects a 25 percent reduction in downtime as a result of the project. Which of the following is the BEST course of action in this situation?

  1. Re-plan to achieve a 35 percent improvement in downtime
  2. Reduce the estimates and note the changes in the risk response plan
  3. Provide an accurate estimate of the actual costs and be able to support your estimate
  4. Meet with the team to identify where you can find 10 percent savings.
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Q3. Project performance appraisals are different from team performance assessments in that project performance appraisals focus on:

  1. How an individual team member is performing on the project
  2. An evaluation of the project team’s effectiveness
  3. A team building effort
  4. Reducing the staff turnover rate.
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Q4. During the execution of a project, the project manager discovers the project’s stakeholder register is no longer accurate. What should the project manager do?

  1. The project is in execution, the stakeholder register cannot be updated at this stage.
  2. A change request should be issued.
  3. The project is in execution, the Identify Stakeholders process cannot be carried out at this stage.
  4. Review the stakeholder register and carry out the Identify Stakeholders process.
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Q5. You are working on an information technology project as a project manager to develop a shopping website for your customers. Some key stakeholders in the project suggested scope changes to improve the website’s look and feel. Your team has analyzed the impact of these changes and presented the analysis to the Change Control Board (CCB) for approval. What should be your next step if the CCB accepts all proposed changes?

  1. Implement the change request and update stakeholders
  2. Review change control board decisions and inform stakeholders for their input
  3. Conduct a team status meeting to update the progress on change requests
  4. Revise cost estimates, schedule dates, resource requirements, and planning documents
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Q6. During a weekly status meeting, a team member suggests adding a component to the project. As the project manager, you maintain that all focus should stay on the current scope and not on any enhancements. Focusing on the current scope is an example of:

  1. Gold-plating
  2. Scope verification
  3. Scope management
  4. Change control
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Q7. Testing the entire population would:

  1. Take too long
  2. Provide more information than wanted
  3. Be mutually exclusive
  4. Show many defects.
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Q8. You are working for a large project organization with several project managers working on 15 projects. All project managers submit their status reports at month’s end. One of your fellow project managers, Jane, has reported an error in the past two months. From discussions with one of her project’s team members who is also working on one of your projects, you realize Jane is deliberately misreporting the project’s status to inflate her performance for the annual performance appraisal next month. The monthend review meeting is in two days, and you are preparing your own presentation for it. What should you say about her status report?

  1. Investigate and verify the blame before reporting the incorrect status to the appropriate management.
  2. Since there is no direct relationship between your project and hers, there is no need to intervene in this issue.
  3. Prepare a brief of what you have discussed with her team member and report the inconsistency in the meeting
  4. Send an email to her boss asking to check the contents of her report
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Q9. The scope of work in a project could not be clearly defined. There was also a strong possibility that the scope would change during the course of the project. Which type of contract would suit this type of situation?

  1. Fixed-price with economic price adjustment contract
  2. Fixed-price contract
  3. Cost-reimbursable contract
  4. Fixed-price incentive contract
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Q10. Due to improper cost planning, your cost performance is not as planned and you are over budget. Therefore, you again estimate the cost of the project and find that you will require more money to complete the project. This will require an update of the cost baseline. What will you do?

  1. Update the cost baseline
  2. Raise the change request to update the cost baseline
  3. Update the cost baseline and inform management
  4. None of the above
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