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Project Management Question Bank
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As per the PMBOK Guide, which of the following is not a communication method that you use to share information among project stakeholders?
  1. Online communication
  2. Interactive communication
  3. Push communication
  4. Pull communication

Q2. You have designed an improvised system for a consumer product that could decrease repair cost for the consumer. Management is impressed with your idea, but has decided to wait until next year to implement it. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Advise government officials that there is a better alternative that could save the public money
  2. Wait until next year
  3. Go to one of your competitors with the idea in order to save consumers cost
  4. Tell everyone you come in contact with that you have a better design
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Q3. A project manager is trying to plan for a contingency reserve as part of the cost estimates for the project. Which of these would be an incorrect way to plan for contingency reserves?

  1. Start the project with a zero value for contingency reserve.
  2. Plan for contingency reserve as a fixed number.
  3. Plan for contingency reserve as a percentage of the estimated cost.
  4. Use quantitative analysis methods to arrive at the contingency reserve.
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Q4. Change requests are an output of which processes?

  1. Manage Project Team and Report Performance
  2. Manage Stakeholder Expectation and Determine Budget
  3. Define Scope and Plan Communications
  4. Plan Procurements and Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
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Q5. There are several communication methods used to share and distribute information to stakeholders, team members, and management. Which of the following communication methods is used when you notify the public about environmental effects from your project after implementation by posting reports on the project's website?

  1. Pull communication
  2. Interactive communication
  3. Informal communication
  4. Push communication
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Q6. A project manager is finalizing the resources for the project team. All of the following will help the project manager complete this work EXCEPT:

  1. Staffing pool description
  2. Work breakdown structure
  3. Staffing management plan
  4. Reward and recognition systems.
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Q7. A project team is having difficulty communicating over long distances. There are 13 team members from two countries when five people from Indian are added to the project. How many communication channels are there?

  1. 153
  2. 180
  3. 324
  4. 362
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Q8. A manager notices that a project manager is holding a meeting with some of the team and some stakeholders to discuss the quality of the project. The project schedule has been compressed, and the CPI is 1.1. They have worked hard on the project, the team has been rewarded according to the reward system the project manager put in place, and there is a strong sense of team. The manager suggests that the project manager does not have enough time to hold meetings about quality when the schedule is so compressed. Which of the following BEST describes why the manager is wrong?

  1. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, increased cost effectiveness, and decreased cost risk
  2. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, decreased cost effectiveness, and increased cost risk.
  3. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, increased cost effectiveness, and increased cost risk
  4. Improved quality leads to increased productivity, decreased cost effectiveness and decreased cost risk.
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Q9. The project manager is involved in the Develop Schedule process for the project. He has analyzed the project, compressed the schedule and completed a Monte Carlo analysis. Which of the following is an output of Develop Schedule?

  1. Activity duration estimates
  2. Change requests
  3. Resource requirement updates
  4. Work breakdown structure
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Q10. You are reviewing a plan which explains how changes to the product will be initiated, how impacts will be analyzed, and how they will be traced, tracked, and reported, as well as the authorization levels required to approve these changes. What document is this?

  1. Monitor and control project work
  2. Requirements management plan
  3. Control configuration
  4. Control change management
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