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Project Engineer: Job Description Template

Project Engineer: Job Description Template

Job Description

At [CompanyX], we proudly set the industry standard for [customer/client] satisfaction. With our detailed approach to project planning and management, we produce the highest quality deliverables on time, every time. Currently, we’re in search of a distinguished project engineer to join our team. As an ideal candidate, you’re a highly trained engineer with a proven history of project or program management. You’re an outstanding communicator, an exceptional leader, and an even better strategist. You’re ultimately responsible for maintaining [CompanyX’s] standard of excellence and delivering projects with the utmost attention to safety and quality.

Objectives of this Role

• Maximize project efficiency and profitability
• Determine project specifications and acquire the necessary materials for completion
• Develop scope and parameters for project design and implementation
• Identify project responsibilities, delegating phases and elements to the appropriate personnel
• Develop and control the full project-plan lifecycle

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

• Assist the construction manager to establish project objectives, procedures, data collection methods, and performance standards within boundaries of corporate policy
• Prepare scheduled and necessary updates of construction activities and analysis of manpower and equipment required
• Create and administer appropriate testing protocols to monitor project performance
• Inform all supervisors and subcontractors promptly of any construction schedule changes, and work closely with all stakeholders to ensure requirements are met
• Maintain budgetary, scheduling, and project database oversight, and report regularly to project manager to keep him/her constantly informed of job progress, plans and problems that could significantly affect costs or schedules
• Manage compliance, quality control, and quality assurance standards and specifications

Skills and Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field of study
• 4+ years project management, project engineering, or project planning experience (scope, schedule, cost, quality)
• Proven computer platform experience
• Strong field management experience
• Experience supporting Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Engineering Change Orders (ECO) processes

Preferred Qualifications

• Strong working knowledge of design software, including AutoCAD and CAD/CAM Circuit Design
• Up-to-date Professional Engineer license
• Proven understanding of compliance and quality assurance guidelines and best practices
• Previous experience with database design and development

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