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Process Analyst: Job Description Template

Process Analyst: Job Description Template

This Process Analyst job description template will help you save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees.
In order to attract Process Analyst that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Process Analyst job description.

Process Analyst job profile

Process Analyst is an IT professional specialized in analyzing business processes and workflows with the objective of finding out how they can be improved or automated.

Process Analyst job description: Intro

Process Analyst job description should start with an interesting, eye-catching introduction.
Here is an idea of what this introduction may look like:
Are you an experienced Process Analyst looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to advance your skills and your career?
If you are a goal-oriented, innovative thinker
We are looking for an experienced Process Analyst to join our team and develop high-tech solutions to improve our IT processes and efficiencies and fuel your advanced career skill set.

Process Analyst duties and responsibilities

Process Analyst job description should contain the following duties and responsibilities:
• Create process documentation/workflows, knowledge articles and self-service guidance for IT Services
• Collect and document of business requirements for project and process improvement/automation efforts
• Facilitate process workflow modeling in order to collaborate on process improvements, automation capabilities and clearly defined end-to-end use cases

Review information and trends to ensure that the output of processes are achieving the desired results and that services are meeting agreed-upon service levels
• Conduct maturity assessments against the process activities to highlight areas of improvement or concerns
• Identify issues and risks
• Bring inconsistencies and problems to the attention of management
• Participate in the problem resolution
• Track major incident management process and ensure adherence of the process and escalation requirements within the various support and delivery areas
• Prepare incident details for post-mortem incident reviews
• Extract reports and provide a high-level analysis of data for review
• Maintain a complete understanding of and adheres to all IT policies and processes

Process Analyst requirements and qualifications

Process Analyst job description should contain the following requirements and qualifications:
• Previous working experience as a Business Analyst for (x) year(s)
• MA in Business Management, Information Technology, Financial Management or similar relevant filed
• Excellent organizational and time management skills
• Outstanding communication and presentation skills

Critical thinker
• Creative problem solver
• Great analytical skills
• Data-driven approach

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