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Change Manager: Job Description Template

Change Manager: Job Description Template

We are looking for a competent change manager to optimize our business processes and organizational structure to increase business efficiency and service delivery. You will be consulting with management to design and execute strategies that can be implemented fast and with minimum staff members' resistance.

To ensure success as a change manager, you should possess extensive experience in preparing forecasts and have the ability to liaise with staff, management, and the project team to maximize employee adoption. An accomplished change manager will implement business processes, systems, and technology to improve service delivery and streamline processes.

Change Manager Responsibilities:

• Collaborating with management to gather and analyze operational information.
• Preparing change management strategies to reduce expenses, increase revenue, and maximize efficiency.
• Evaluating cost structures and budgetary impact of the proposed changes.
• Consulting with staff members and identifying and managing anticipated resistance.

Creating communication and training plans to enable smooth implementation of the strategy.
• Assisting with the restructuring of the staff component to optimize the effective implementation of the project.
• Tracking implementation progress and reporting back to management.
• Coaching managers and supervisors to improve implementation communication.

Change Manager Requirements:

• Bachelor's degree in business administration, human resources, or a related field.
• Thorough knowledge of, and experience in, change management principles and methodology.
• Proficiency in business management, statistics, analytics, and spreadsheet software such as Excel.
• In-depth knowledge of models and forecasting.

Ability to influence others and achieve common goals.
• Excellent communication skills and ability to build strong relationships.
• Exceptional ability to solve problems and think analytically.
• Great organizational, project, and time management skills.

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