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Continuous Improvement Manager: Job Description Template

Continuous Improvement Manager: Job Description Template
We are seeking an experienced Continuous Improvement Manager to oversee quality assurance, production improvement processes, and training. In this role, you will be responsible for reviewing our current production practices and identifying areas that need improvement. After describing your findings with management, you will lead efforts to implement changes and train staff to increase efficiency and reduce expenses.

You will collaborate regularly with our production and QA managers to ensure measurable results, documenting each phase of the changes, and reporting improvements to upper management.

Continuous Improvement Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Analyze current production processes
• Review QA procedures
• Identify areas that need improvement
• Develop plans to increase production and decrease costs
• Implement plans and train staff on new procedures
• Document changes and create regular reports for upper management

Continuous Improvement Manager Requirements and Qualifications

• A bachelor's degree in business or a related field
• 5+ years of experience in business strategy, project management, or business development
• Six Sigma Certification (preferred)
• Proficiency with TQM process evaluation techniques

• Experience developing employee training programs
• Advanced skills with Microsoft Office
• Excellent communication and organizational skills

Continuous Improvement Manager: Job Description Template6

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