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Project Management Question Bank
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You have been developing a next generation electric engine for high-speed electric trains. The project is 25% completed, you have spent 21% of your budget and you are slightly behind the schedule. The client is worried and asks you to provide him with the progress and forecasting report as soon as possible. So, you start collecting information such as the start and finish dates of scheduled activities, number of change requests, number of defects, actual costs, actual durations, etc. These are examples of:
  1. Work performance measurements
  2. Work performance data
  3. Work performance information
  4. Parameters

Q2. You are a project manager for a US $3,000,000 product development project. Your project is well into the executing process group and remains on time, on budget, and on specification. This morning, a project team member alerts you to a newspaper article detailing unusually high defect rates in materials that your team has been using to develop your product prototype. You had no reason to suspect quality issues in these materials before now. What should you do FIRST in response to this concern?

  1. Stop work on the prototype
  2. Quantify the risk
  3. Develop a risk mitigation plan
  4. Determine a workaround.
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Q3. You are managing a project that involves work on a film shoot. The editing activity can happen only after the film is shot. The best description of the logical relationship between the editing and shooting of the film is:

  1. Finish-to-Finish (FF)
  2. Start-to-Start (SS)
  3. Start-to-Finish (SF)
  4. Finish-to-Start (FS)
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Q4. What is a GERT chart?

  1. A bar chart showing project activities and their schedule
  2. A chart showing the upper and lower control limits
  3. A chart showing the causes of issues
  4. A chart showing loops between activities
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Q5. Which of the following contains an item that is NOT an output of the Plan Procurements process?

  1. Procurement management plan, procurement documents, procurement contract award
  2. Procurement statement of work, procurement management plan, make-or-buy decisions
  3. Requested changes, procurement management plan, source selection criteria
  4. Make-or-buy decisions, procurement statement of work, change requests.
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Q6. During a team meeting, the team has been arguing about the method of integration for over 20 minutes without getting anywhere. The project manager reschedules the issue for the next team meeting. This is an example of:

  1. Compromising
  2. Forcing
  3. Smoothing
  4. Withdrawal.
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Q7. Which of the following processes are usually not performed continuously, but rather, performed periodically as needed:

  1. Acquire Resources
  2. Monitor Risks
  3. Monitor Communications
  4. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
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Q8. Value analysis is performed to get:

  1. More value from the cost analysis.
  2. Management to buy into the project
  3. The team to buy into the project.
  4. A less costly way of doing the same work.
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Q9. You have recently taken over a project as the project manager. The project is midway through execution, and most of the project work has been subcontracted. You have just found out that one of the subcontractors, who was responsible for all demolitions, has been paid 50 percent of the subcontracted value, but he has delivered only 25 percent of the required works. Upon investigation, you learned that all the payments are in line with the signed contract between the two parties and the subcontractor’s work is compliant with the contract specifications. You are annoyed because this does not give you enough control over the subcontracted works. Which of the following is not an appropriate thing to do at this stage?

  1. Document the story as a lesson learned
  2. Continue with the arrangement
  3. Discuss your concerns with appropriate stakeholders so that this mistake is not repeated
  4. Terminate the contract unless there is a violation of the contract
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Q10. Though it was difficult, the project manager received agreement to the project charter from all four sponsors involved on the project and the US $400,000 project was approved. Now the cost variance for the project is -$500 and the last performance review was positive. Just when the project entered its second phase, a team member on a noncritical path activity announced she was leaving the company. The float of activity L changed from two to four days. Only one unidentified risk has occurred with a minor impact. The last quality review showed that the project has made use of the results of the last design of experiments. Based on this information, what should the project manager do NEXT?

  1. Complete closure of the first phase
  2. Fast track the project to add more float
  3. Review the management plans
  4. Investigate additional risks caused by the difficulty with the senior managers.
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