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Project Management Question Bank
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During the status review with your stakeholders, one of the stakeholders told you that they were not asked for their opinion, and now they need a change in the product characteristics. This change may lead to a change in your cost and schedule baseline. Which of the following processes could have helped you prevent this issue?
  1. Collect requirements
  2. Control scope
  3. Identify risks
  4. Scope creep

Q2. All of the following come after the Define Scope process EXCEPT:

  1. Estimate Activity Durations
  2. Develop Human Resource Plan
  3. Estimate Costs
  4. Collect Requirements
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Q3. An estimating technique that uses a statistical relationship between historical data and other variables (such as square footage in construction or lines of code in software development) is known as:

  1. Parametric Estimating
  2. Analogous Estimating
  3. Bottom-up Estimating
  4. Historical Analysis
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Q4. You are a project manager for a large electrical system implementation. One of your key people has started to miss deadlines and work quality is beginning to suffer as well. This person has participated in project planning, and in fine-tuning the earned value estimating, and developing the reward systems for the project. You are confident that this person is well aware of the work deadlines and required quality specifications. What action should you take?

  1. Report problem to the personnel or human resource department for corrective action.
  2. Reassign some work to other team members until performance starts to improve.
  3. Discuss the issues with the employee at the next team meeting and try to determine the factors impacting performance.
  4. Escalate the situation to the employee’s functional manager and ask for assistance.
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Q5. You are assigned as a project manager to lead a new quality improvement project. Management is asking for a project management plan. Which of the following should you create FIRST?

  1. A process assurance plan
  2. A quality management plan
  3. A project management plan
  4. A project scope statement
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Q6. Which of the following stakeholder groups, especially if the size of the group is large, is ideal for the success of the project?

  1. Supportive stakeholders
  2. Leading stakeholders
  3. Neutral stakeholders
  4. Unaware stakeholders
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Q7. Your project is running late and you are over budget. You review the situation and find that it would be difficult for you to complete the project with the given budget. You inform management and they ask you to come up with a new budget. After estimating the new cost, you inform management that you may need 10,000 USD more to complete the project. This is an example of:

  1. Forecast analysis
  2. Status report
  3. Change request
  4. Progress report
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Q8. Which of the following is accurate regarding agreements in Project Procurement Management?

  1. Agreements can never be terminated.
  2. Terms and conditions never include the seller’s proposal.
  3. Agreements are informal documents.
  4. Agreements are legal documents between a buyer and a seller.
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Q9. You are finalizing the monthly project status report due now to your manager when you discover that several project team members are not reporting actual hours spent on project activities. This results in skewed project statistics. What is the MOST appropriate action to be taken?

  1. Discuss the impacts of these actions with team members.
  2. Report the team members’ actions t their functional managers.
  3. Continue reporting information as presented to you.
  4. Provider accurate and truthful representations in all project reports.
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Q10. Resource requirements are determined:

  1. Before the project schedule and after the network diagram
  2. After the project schedule and project scope statement
  3. After the project schedule and WBS
  4. Before the project scope statement and the network diagram 43
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